WoWs Best Moments 78

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What the… A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from April 2023. Quack !

WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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  1. Chaos must be protected at all costs, he’s too wholesome lol.

  2. E-girls may think they are cute doing UwU, but they will never be like 11:21

  3. After 4 months away from the game, i feel cleansed from all the toxic it has. Strangely enough, only the fond memories are remaining and sometimes i wonder how the game is now. Then i see these awesome people play the game and it reminds me of how bad WG has changed this game.

    I guess i miss playing with my clanmates and friends the most. Not the shitshow game itself.

    Great video Brain

  4. Its not often you see a conematic moment in game, but at 13:10 we do. I think its beautiful

  5. Your compils bring me joy thank you <3

  6. Thanks for the feature! Still can’t believe how much damage I racked up in 2 salvos at 4:56

  7. OverlordBou: “Why is there so much death here?”
    Also OverlordBou: _Caused most of the death_

  8. awesome clips again sad that so few our funny anymore

  9. You should be able to aim the depth charges in my opinion

  10. Damn that detonation on the Kaba was sweet by Flambass

  11. Indicator for depth charges and an option in settings that has your AA automatically turned off at the beginning of each match (important for DDs)

  12. I would legit watch Daniel Russev except that he blasts japanese pop/techno through all his streams… no fun watching someone stream on mute.

  13. @12:13 Flamu doesn’t understand that the Flint is proxy spotted. Look at the distances from camera – Flint 1.3 and Shinyhorse 2.7… so they’re 1.4 km apart. Flamu does this a lot on stream. He makes these big judgements on people’s decisions and makes them seem dumb when in fact he’s the one misunderstanding.

    • Or, don’t shoot so he doesn’t bloom his surface detection and get away easier?

    • that camera distance would be true if they were in a streight line (camera flint and sharnhorst)
      in fact you can check the map and the distances yourself in practice tool and they would be slightly above 2,2 km
      i m not defending flamu i m just explaining that this time he was right

  14. 0:50, happens to me all the time

  15. Manolis Christodoulakis

    great video i enjoy it,also i love the potatoe song!!!

  16. bots be like
    “let me show you who is the boss”

  17. It makes me feel better seeing other people struggle with the illogical/buggy gameplay

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