WoWs Best moments – Subs in randoms…

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from October featuring Submarines in randoms. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 PotatoQuality_
0:22 Flamuu
0:38 Intro Best Of Twitch
0:48 CitizenS9
1:22 Biison
2:20 Flambass
2:50 bfk_fer1yfe
3:21 CitizenS9
3:52 ClydeThaMonkey
4:24 OverLordBou
4:56 Trenlass
5:27 Flambass
6:14 Flamuu
6:42 thegrumpybeard
7:22 Mr__Gibbins
7:52 Flambass
8:27 RedRonie
8:43 ChaosMachineGR
9:04 Mr__Gibbins
9:50 Flamuu
10:12 Flambass
11:12 Daniel_Russev
12:13 Flamuu
12:41 Flambass
12:54 Biison
13:17 bfk_fer1yfe
13:54 Daniel_Russev
14:07 MalteseKnight_
15:00 RedRonie
15:15 Trenlass
15:43 Doctorpillcosby
16:14 Trenlass
16:43 ChaosMachineGR
17:43 CaptainOverPen
18:18 Westopoli
18:53 Daniel_Russev
19:12 CaptainOverPen
19:30 Thanks for watching


  1. The Flamu one made me cry laughing

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the video guys! Press like if you did. Special thanks to the streamers. You can find their names below. (If you want to participate in our next videos, you are welcome to submit clips through our discord server – )

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    Flamuu –
    CitizenS9 –
    Biison –
    Flambass –
    bfk_fer1yfe –
    ClydeThaMonkey –
    OverLordBou –
    Trenlass –
    thegrumpybeard –
    Mr__Gibbins –
    RedRonie –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    Daniel_Russev –
    Westopoli –
    MalteseKnight_ –
    CaptainOverPen –
    doctorpillcosby –

    • Can you PLEASE explain why people A) hate CV’s and Subs? B) Use subs like a surface ship? Finally C) complain about balance?

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      @Jarrett Huffin A) Because Submarines and Carriers take away from what people love most about the game – angling and duelling with Armor piercing shells and secondary batteries in close quarters.
      B) Because the subs are faster on the surface and have a good concealment without having to dive.
      C) Because the game is not balanced. People have a number of issues with the game pertaining to A), but Wargaming is pumping out new content instead. Worst thing about the new content is that it’s hard for players to keep up with.

  3. Grumpybeard at 6:42 sums up the current state of the game.

    • Yes! That´s why i had to clip that!

    • Pretty much me these past days, ive geniunly tried to play. But i get wrecked so hard by subs i quit after 1 game yday, managed like 6 games the day before that.. Yea. Good time to explore new games.

      Even tried playing coop, only to get wrecked by a bot sub…The game is actually ruined.

  4. Gold! Chaos Machine in the YoLo was a crack up.

  5. 8:27 That Mr__Mosquito (formerly known as Gibbins) absolutley send me. BRILLIANT !!!

  6. the silent majority strikes again in the feedbacks LOL

  7. Flamu trolled by Captain Jingles 🤣

  8. “Shusss ! No, you shuss! ” and the sound effects by mrG 🤣

  9. Personally, with the introduction of submarines, any twitch streamer who streamd WoWS can be forgiven for saying “fuck”.

    In fact, it should be encouraged.

  10. Thanks FreeTheBrain for yet another reason to smile and laugh, can’t wait for the next compilation!

  11. Aha, its the streaming bellends giving Weegee all the sub money.

  12. Subs are killing this Game….. Just Disgusting

  13. Thanks for the content as usual!!!!!

  14. 9:59- Sums up subs. Well done War Gaming.

  15. 95% said less or nerf CVs, WG adds more CVs. 95% said subs are ruining the game WG pushes out subs with bugs and no balance.

  16. I will forever continue to try to get this implemented universally in WoWs: there are no “maps” at sea people, “charts”, they are called charts. Maps are for salt-deficient land-lubbers, maties! ☠️☠️☠️

  17. 14:00 i was getting a lot worse disspersion than that in last 3 days xD(shiki)

  18. 9:59
    Hey, I’ve seen this one!
    I’ve seen this one!
    it’s a classic!

  19. Citizen’s double ram with the A-team music. AHAHAHAHAHAH Also, Ramming subs seems to be very ineffective.. Big kudos on editing together that whole.. animal group sound thing between Gibbins, Trenlass, Flambass and then the bit of RedRonie. xD

  20. Mr Gibbins laugh is a pure joy to hear 😂

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