WoWs Funny Memes 101

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DEAD. World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. BLEARGH!!! Nice torp dodges and torp not dodges!

  2. “A hobbit who doesn’t spend time with Frodo can never be a real hobbit.”

    – Don Samwise Corleone

  3. The highlight of my week is watching this

  4. 4:26
    really a but clenching moment

  5. I see schlieffen i like


  6. An extra large helping of walls of skill this episode

  7. Nope, we no punish you. You sounded like you would enjoy getting punished.

  8. The moines torpedo wall clip had me rolling

  9. 6:54 Someone got a diarrhoea or fat party before sinking holly cow!!

  10. :38 – Yep ranked… and did I hear Magnum PI music in here somewhere? Take the upvote, please…

  11. Always waiting for this, the best funny moments you can find, keep like this bro…. yeah yeah yeah!!

  12. “torpedo spam is gae” – sun tzu

  13. What happened when the battlepass released? Did WG let loose a bunch of low level AI with real names? The average IQ of team mates seems to have halved, minimum.

  14. My wows life story:

  15. @Brisan Comstock it happens to all of us

  16. Another superb video! Thanks for giving us some good chuckles.

  17. 0:58 He has a Master Chief poster behind him! Go Halo!

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