WoWs Funny Memes 52

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Bou is one with the Yolo, and Chinchilla Bou runs away. WoWs memes episode 52.

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  1. Bou got detonated was the best hilarious like ever 🤣

  2. that schliffen was dumping think the friesland has a competitor now

  3. you made my night funny bou !

  4. “Bou. Come in and have a seat, buddy. I’ve been speaking with your mother and we’re very concerned about you, Bou. You’re just memeing too hard. You’ve fallen in with a bad crowd of memers and maymayers and shtposters and frankly, pal, it has to stop. No more ‘drive-bys’, no more ‘double strikes’, and certainly no more ‘brawling’. Is that clear, champ? I just want to see good, sensible, mid-range gameplay from now on, Bou. Is that understood? OK good talk.”

  5. Hey Bou, it’s called detonation flags, you should use some lol.

  6. I love your videos Bou, I’m not playing the game anymore but it’s a pleasure to watch your funny memes, Greetings from Romania my dude👍

  7. The wows gods weren’t pleased about detonate on the columbo and you laughed so they said here is your own medicine 😆

  8. 01:55min, an offer he couldn’t refuse.

  9. the more I see you play paolo emilio the more I cry I didn’t pick it as my first RB ship

  10. The italian guy dancing is actually a former senator here in Italy.. I feel quite ashamed he’s become popular all over the world

  11. Double CV kill so rare and beautiful.

  12. Wearing that hat is so fitting in a Paolo

  13. Double detonation! Great stuff as always, Bou!

  14. This guy is a Chad!

  15. the Paolo Emilio section is always insane XD

  16. Detonation is a fair mechanic, everybody gets one! 😄
    Love the videos with Paolo Emilio, one of the most fun ships in the game!

  17. I think it’s funny you saying cvs are unholy when most of the time I have faced you it’s been you in a cv 🤣 or a leprechaun which I did kill you during that event. Thanks for the loot!

  18. 4:24 is pure joy. Wonderful content as usual. Thanks Bou 😊.

  19. love you bou keap up the good work

  20. I’m one of your fans from China, already subscribed, like your memes a lot. Please keep the channel updated, thanks for your great work.

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