WoWs Funny Memes 54

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Being set on fire, dodging DDs and being the DD. Lots of explosive situations in WoWs memes episode 54.

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  1. Fun compilation during work lunch

    Also when we getting a full 1 hour fuso gameplay comp?

  2. Hey Bou what mods do you use for the shell tracers?

  3. Always love these compilations.

  4. Tuna BOY got skills for the memes

  5. “At least he sucks at Petroing, gedebidabdon! ” Best exclamation ever! Thanks for the happy moments!

  6. You crack me up with your memes!!!

  7. Samwise the Soulless

    the chinchilla is very kewt, I have to say!
    I myself have a guinea pig, she has a black hole for a stomach.
    greetings from the other side of the pond!

  8. Someone get the bug spray!!! “Why are there so many DDs??!?!?!!” — I’ve never complained lol

  9. “Sucks at Petroing.” Didn’t think that was possible, but I guess it isn’t completely idiot proof. Also…Fuso. Fuso. FUSO!!!

  10. The bit with all the DD’s made me laugh so much my lungs started to hurt. Great video! Especially love the chinchilla Bou shenanigans at the end!

  11. Is Fuso a good ship?

  12. Bozkurt'un Oyun Dünyası

    Hey bou i want Petra scne luck Man i want it😂🤣

  13. DDs everywhere!! Bugspray it!! Balahahahagagsva v go away DDs go bother someone else
    Awesome video brother

  14. Love the vid Bou always fun to hear your evil laugh keep killing ships your actually improving hah hah hah hah haha

  15. When you have been down because you have been studying for finals and hearing Overlord Bo saying, “Why are there so many? Get the can! Get the bug spray!” And you laugh so hard you need to pause the video because it just makes your day, thank you.

  16. Hindenburg TopTier

    I know that my feedback isnt well taken but never in my entire life so fare have I seen a vid where a grown person say “dude” so many times…
    In the future OverlordBou will be known as MasterOfDudeDudes….

  17. How dare you say the Mighty FUSO is the most hated ship?
    after all she has done for you? 😱

  18. Des Moines is the proverbial bug spray 😂

  19. nice man you are playing very well

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