WoWs Funny Memes 58

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. In WoWs you gotta catch all the torps and Bou is really good at that.

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  1. Nicholas TheMemeLord

    Very video much funny

  2. Find videos with Bou eating torps should have been easy 🙂

  3. Ananda Amelia putri

    lt’s really cool to play, bro don’t forget to like rich prople like this,bro 🤗

  4. The memes are strong with this one!

  5. Keep memes vids coming 😀 <3

  6. [PZ-WR] The_dead_tanker

    Salute to the Harugumo, what a legend! o7

  7. These make my day keep them coming

  8. Best DD player ever.

  9. Admiral Peacocking

    Epic memes as always Bou!!! But let’s talk about that Marlborough video again .. 😛

  10. it was beautiful meme ever I watched

  11. Dionysos.G.karavokirakos

    8:03 yuro is the true CV peck spawn master

  12. I’ve lost 90% of my ships health eating every torp. Saved a severely damaged dd doing so.

  13. 3:25, I was right during the stream, that this clip was gonna make it into a Funny Memes video.

  14. You should try the Yamato course. It’s an entree of Halland torps and Shima torps for dessert. Simply to die for.

  15. Glad you avenged the legendary player Harugumo! 😄

  16. had a good laugh. thanks for entertaining us.

  17. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Let’s all take a moment and pay respects to the Chad Harugumo o7

  18. Bozkurt'un Oyun Dünyası

    1 overpen fuso scne is perfect Man😂

  19. hmmm…. good content..

  20. RandomLoginName BTW

    Ah classic Fuso Main confirmed 😀

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