WoWs Funny Memes 64

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Bou is the SAP killer.

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  1. Always can’t wait for the next video !

  2. Nice Intro!

  3. Loved that montana bit. Well done

  4. Nice BLEARGH!
    So tastefull!

  5. What did the Montana do to you 🤣

  6. [PZ-WR] The_dead_tanker

    Nice intro bou! xD
    And very “original” outro 🤣

  7. I’d never heard the audio from that original ‘Spiderman vs. Spiderman’ clip. Turns out in the ’60s, Spiderman was actually a 45 year old guy with kids and a mortgage who smoked two packs a day. lol

  8. With Bou in the house, no one’s got a chance, no Monty can stop Bou!

  9. Oh man I’m famous I made it in the first clip. Seriously didn’t know that ship had hydro. Like since when do American dds get that shit

  10. 2:42. Why Russian music with a Swedish ship also did you know Richelieu is a premium ship on blitz and it is overpowered

  11. Hehe I loved the edit at the beginning I remember seeing the original video so long ago. Great meme video!

  12. Your video’s the only thing keeping me awake rn for work… I tip my hat to you Bou!

  13. Dionysos.G.karavokirakos

    5:51 star wars lazers sounds For The Win baby and with star wars lazers sounds you can do anything.

  14. Bro that Montana made my day 😭 🤣

  15. RIP Montana!

  16. Wow ! Your Montana edit is god tier !

  17. This was the best !

  18. I believe in fusou supremecy

  19. the start was perfection

  20. as a monty main that made me cry so hard🤣🤣 nice content keep them coming😍😍

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