WoWs Funny Memes 73

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Weirdest episode so far probably.

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  1. 11 seconds ago?
    Damn i am faster than Slava shells

  2. I thought you weren’t supposed to drink distilled water? :O

    • Indeed, please Bou, don’t drink distilled water😂

    • Distilled water is just water that has been evaporated and recollected into water, there’s nothing wrong with it, all the water in the world has basically been distilled, it also helps kill bacteria

    • i ment osmosis

    • @OverLordBou while that is theoretically a thing, it’s not a practical problem for you, because you’d need to drink a lot more water than you could ever hope to take in at any given time before that gets dangerous for you, so relax and keep hydrated, Bou 🙂

  3. PuppyCareBear /Sparky

    Casually losing to casually winning. Bou and Bou the chinchilla is a god dude! YEAHYEAHYEAH!

  4. Very funny bou. tks.

  5. Someone please name that fart song in the video. I need it for friend’s research purpose.

  6. Sorry Bou…
    I’m getting lazy so no “BLEAGH” today.
    Maybe next time?

  7. Laughed so much my mouth went dry. Thanks Bou!!! BLEARGH!!!

  8. If bou has not tasted water, wait till he tries air! :O

  9. Love the content, gj!

  10. dispersoin ftw LUL

  11. That bou laugh tho BWAHAHAHA

  12. JeagerKhan Gaming

    That funny moment when i realize that i was playing against bou as im watching his vid (10:15) and i remember playing that exact moment. THANKS FOR RUINING MY GAME BOU LMAOOO

  13. What mod do you use for the tracers, the one i have gives blue ap, orange HE and green sap. what is yours with white ap and yellow HE?

  14. 11:05
    (meanwhile, in other universe)
    OverLordBou is yelling “Kra~~ken!!”
    BGM: TheFatRat – Jackpot

  15. lol he gave up after your amazing triple citadel and somehow rnjesus said no pen for you… only over pen for you lol…

  16. i love your vids so much :3

  17. Underrated channels:danilerusev,notser,flabass and more. BUT EXPECILLY BOU. Y? Y? U have to be so underrated. BLEARGH

  18. NuclearPoweredGoose

    You’re really good at this stuff m8 keep it up you got a new subscriber

  19. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    #whenyourfavytuploads keep up the great work and 10k will come really soon :D.

  20. Love the edit style fam

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