WoWs Funny Memes 79

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World of Warships memes and funny moments with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Weird, meme moments.

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  1. AYO MINECRAFT? whens the minecraft playthrough come out i need a tutorial

  2. Alexander Andersson

    in the first clip does he have almost 800 hundred secondary hits?!!?!?

  3. Another fantastic meme video! That Jinx thing startles me every time she shows up.

  4. Aaron Nechelput

    Algorithm gang

  5. 5:13 you actually did not torp him first, the torps hadnt hit him yet therefore you merely launched them whereas he shot you first.

  6. 4:15 at least we’ve found the three stooges 😂

  7. Ayo, I’m in that A. Nevsky! Twas new to the A. Nevsky when I first got it, you caught footage of me learning how to play it, lol

  8. the scream edit at 0:50 killed me 😂

  9. Dionysos.G.karavokirakos

    1:09 his doing shell beats

  10. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    I welcome myself back to this amazing channel, almost at 10K!!

  11. Nice dude, pretty lucky ships in this video xD

  12. General Cartman Lee

    Nice Honda Point disaster reenactment at 4:10

  13. This is my every Sunday morning, coffee, pie, and watch!

  14. andreas pedersen

    Still too lazy to BLEARGH!

  15. Casual and fun

  16. wranggler bou the dd hunter: we got ’em boys.

  17. Had a pretty good today and u made it the best bou, Thank you once again. Love your videos

  18. BIA World of Warships

    I found the like button now I have to go take a shower see you Thursday


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