WoWs Funny memes 80

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World of Warships memes and funny moments.
Retarded compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. First

  2. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    Yes, I’m early!! 😀 How you doin, bou?? I’m sick atm XD

  3. Can anyone tell where is okhotnik in tech tree plz btw nice video sir😁

    • Ohotnik is not available in the tech tree because it is a premium ship. You will find it in the armory under T5 – Soviet Russia – DD

  4. The Legendary Torp Eater 🤣

  5. Is Puddin ever happy?

  6. Yahoo i just woke up and my fav meme episode is baaaackk!! Love you man Bou Thanks for making the day better🙂

  7. Minecraft for the win!!

  8. That was me torping him in the beginning for the kill lulullu

  9. I keep forgetting my lesson about not watching these while I got a sore throat and stuffed up sinuses. The pain is worth it though I love the meme videos.

  10. Fuso fuso fuso

  11. Don’t mind the videos but when you ramble and ramble and ramble – perhaps it goes from funny to hard to listen to quicker than you think. SMALL thing, though overall – really like your videos.

    As I sit here. Rambling. On. What. About – I was talking… Uh. Something thing else what…. Uh.

  12. PuppyCareBear /Sparky

    A legend dude a legend yeah yeah yeah

  13. Huh, didn’t see that Jake went back to Bonks. I can only imagine his reaction to you hitting the “Snort Cocaine” button on the Satsuma.

  14. Sargis Shirinyan

    Why wasn’t that last Halland shooting back 🤯

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