WoWs Funny memes 80

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World of Warships memes and funny moments.
Retarded compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. First

  2. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    Yes, I’m early!! 😀 How you doin, bou?? I’m sick atm XD

  3. Is Puddin ever happy?

  4. Minecraft for the win!!

  5. That was me torping him in the beginning for the kill lulullu

  6. I keep forgetting my lesson about not watching these while I got a sore throat and stuffed up sinuses. The pain is worth it though I love the meme videos.

  7. Fuso fuso fuso

  8. Don’t mind the videos but when you ramble and ramble and ramble – perhaps it goes from funny to hard to listen to quicker than you think. SMALL thing, though overall – really like your videos.

    As I sit here. Rambling. On. What. About – I was talking… Uh. Something thing else what…. Uh.

  9. Ohotnik is not available in the tech tree because it is a premium ship. You will find it in the armory under T5 – Soviet Russia – DD

  10. PuppyCareBear /Sparky

    A legend dude a legend yeah yeah yeah

  11. Huh, didn’t see that Jake went back to Bonks. I can only imagine his reaction to you hitting the “Snort Cocaine” button on the Satsuma.

  12. Thanks brother you too

  13. No idea

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