WoWs Funny memes 83

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. yay another one

  2. Nice video! Thanks for the laughs

  3. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

    Little one doesn’t like being creeped on when he’s at the gym. Lol

  4. Fourthies! Damn!

  5. Part 82.1

  6. Yeah yeah yeah!

  7. Finally after seeing your video hot a bit chilled as i had a very bad day in game mostly because players barely try to support and do team play. But Thanks again Bou for making my day

  8. Bo stop abusing the Stalingrad 😢

  9. Peter Klosterman

    Havent played wows in 3 months but still watch this videos your hilarious and cracked


  11. Playing Conde feels like being in PvE game fighting hordes of npcs. The power disparity is just so much it feels more like the old PS2 Naval Ops series more than a “real ship”

  12. 11:48 In this game, submarines are made of Adamantium.

    I would like to play this game again.
    But the submarines broke the game that was already broken because of the OP carriers.

  13. Love the sub-smacking

  14. alexander oudmaijer

    sorry to tell but 2 funny memes 82? but love the vids

  15. That Condé is nasty….

  16. LauncesMechanist

    You slapped the moustache off that Stalin(grad).

  17. Bou, how did you let the AI do you like that?.

  18. Jaca Wandersmok

    i love Big streach!

  19. Jaca Wandersmok

    fuso secondary 140 mm have beter dispesrio than main guns hmmm ;]

    • Jaca Wandersmok

      @OverLordBou what i reber japasnie 140 mm secondary have impruve secondary dispersion becose it load like 10 s around that i think only beter have graff zepelin secondary

    • @Jaca Wandersmok no they don’t

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