WoWs Funny Memes 86

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Double and Tripple kills.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah!!!

  2. yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!

  3. [ ] normal
    [ ] undabbed
    [X] dabbed on

  4. Liberal sock puppet

    Ship pew pew funtime!

  5. That triple kill was awesome

  6. Very fitting that the Vermont who smacked you was named HighSeasOverlord lol…. 2:39

    Nice Memes once again!

  7. yeah yeah bou

  8. 1:30 mins in 2 triple kills noice

  9. 5:52 I’m surprised you were able to citadel a GK at point blank with a Schliefen

  10. andreas pedersen

    Good boy!

  11. You know its a good vid when the first clip is a schlieffen abdolutely pummeling 3 enemys at once

  12. is that sound effect for when the ships are destroyed actually in game or was that a mod?

  13. Christian Janker

    Finally 10k subs, yeah yeah yeah yeah 🥰

  14. At 0:02 Schlieffen fought against 3 enemy ships was a overkill, killing 2 ships with torpedoes and killing 1 ship with a secondaries. Nice perfectly job 👍☺️

  15. In 2:22 when I see that St. Vincent is a battlecruiser, it losses more HP when you struck by Enemy Ship’s using AP.

    In the best case, always check on surroundings

    What a precious mistake 🤣😂

  16. “That salvo is so nice…”

    Vermont Player: “You ain’t seen nothin yet….”

  17. impressive about G.KURFURT part, I have it but I have never know how to use it. especially after I spent a lot of silver coin on upgrade kit.

  18. Legends player here, we’re getting Republique as a tier VIII (your tier 9) in the next update, how is she?

  19. Great to come back from a boat trip with no internet to a classic Bou vid!

  20. Always looking forward to your content! Keep it up friend:D

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