WoWs Funny Memes 88

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC. Minotaur, Dev-strikes, and more Hobbits.

OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. Bou uploaded yay

    I love those transformers commanders

  2. Somehow, watching ships getting deleted off the face of the earth just never gets old, keep at it bou!

  3. In honor of Bou I named my ship (in a diff game) The Lazy Chinchilla! …Think Bou approves?

  4. So much toxic Mino-meme moments, the video.

  5. *plays another These Hobbits Gay*

  6. Bou in Mino = caffeine overload

  7. PuppyCareBear /Sparky


  8. omg a bou camo would be awesome

  9. bro your mino committed a war crime there with the petro and others around

  10. 5:59 ironic ngl lol

  11. Thanks for the bou content sir, made my day

  12. Appreciated? Didn’t sound very convincing…
    …but as always: the “BLEARGH” was a 10/10!
    The video is what we call: “Fette bra!”

  13. “Oh my god… those hobbits are gay. good for them… good for them.” -Gandalf

  14. Another fantastic video as always!

  15. I was watching this like…
    “Bro I’ve been here for like 3-4 streams a week and I missed all of these clips”

  16. I need a link to that Minotaur song😂

  17. how you guys find [these hobbits gays],so funny😂😂

  18. Where on earth did you get that gandalf clip?

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