WoWs Funny Memes 93

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A dev-striky Jazz experience! World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. lol, eating a torp when u thought u missed it!

  2. Love that BasicallyIDoWrk sound bite 2:05

  3. Your gameplay is fookin awesome man, and Your editor is a master of his craft.

    I’ll bet you’ll be wearing that shark costume till November…lol!

  4. Today I was in my Gangut and there was a guy in a Koenig so we were duking it out and I thought he was going for a drive by until he oversteered and rammed both of us to death :/

  5. We will shall never recover from this

  6. There’s good and great cruiser in the world..but the best are Napoli, Marseille n’ stuff shooting He shell at me.

  7. Love all the guys black listed in the second to last clip lol

  8. 2:51 Bou you can’t be showing that footage in your videos, WeeGee will buff CVs again!

  9. Your vids are the only ones that almost make me go back to World of Warships….but I’m pumping the brakes and it’s still a NOPE.

  10. A L G O R I T H M G A N G

  11. thanks for your videos are two spills, a friend is a fan of your videos and told me if you can upload at some point videos of Worcester since she is practicing with that boat

  12. Ah love these videos full of your skilled game play and funny reactions. Those torp doges were slick. Bou the meme video always brings light to my week. Thank you for always being so great.

  13. General Cartman Lee

    Bou saw the Daring disaster at 9:15 coming and already turned away.

  14. Who else agree bou is the best

  15. Fantastic video! If I can get my game to stop crashing, I can play again lol. Also the 25 gifted subs was hilarious!

  16. Unexpected detonations are always fun, especially in clan battles. Detonated a Fantasque, fought the urge to type, “Shame,” in chat. I’m sure his team was happy too.

  17. You actually don’t know what the funniest moment in WoW is.
    It goes like this. You get banned for 1 month for answering to player insults and mentioning their mothers. You then buy a 30-day premium package, including some doubloons. And, a as result, they lift your ban in the first week. It happened to me recently.
    Now that’s what I call a premium offer!

  18. A man of taste really, listening to cupheads themes songs while sinking ships, should I mention I do the same ? 😀

  19. I started playing WoWs since the latest AL collab. I mained the 69.

  20. harryMcFly says you are welcome. Wanted you to know i could have rammed you but i slammed on the breaks because ram mechanics are dumb. It would have been cool if i could push you and stay inside your torp range and nom on your superstructure.

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