WoWS Halloween Mode // “The Dentists Strike Back”

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Do you like free camos? Do you like failing a simple mission over and over again? Then oh boy, have I got good news for you!


World Warships is a multiplayer warship battle – you can sigh up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships./invite/XDb11G5

Want to see me live?


  1. Hello this is anus

  2. i worked my ass off to carry teams of monkeys in this mode, stupid BB
    players that go fight bots instead of playing objectiv.

  3. catapults acts like this according to my experience: closest spotted target
    or closest BB, prioritize transylvania if in range.

  4. It’s not too hard unless nobody knows their roles lol. Otherwise is futile.

  5. lol, jackal and blade = 0% chance of fire, dd’s need to stay out of circle
    at the start, bb and cruiser need to catch up before getting transylvannia
    to move otherwise that first catapult will hurt the trans. dd’s need to be
    in front but not way ahead otherwise catapults will wreck them. cruisers
    should switch to ap and help take out catapults then switch back to he for
    zikasa and the end boss, bb need to focus catapult with ap first and
    foremost, one volley can take them out. near the end dd run in front of
    trans and smoke up then torp rasputin. 60+ games in this mode and its worth
    the effort for the rewards!!

  6. Winning is quite easy if you follow these Rules:
    – Zikasas don’t fire their main guns, so as long as you’re 4km or more away
    form these you’re pretty safe, also only the Blades and Igor should go for
    the Zikasas, unless there are no other catapults to shoot at then the
    Jackals can dig in as well.

    – Do not immediately trigger the Transilvania with your Blades or Igors, go
    arround the Cap circle and start working those catapults, the Battleships
    should trigger the Transilvania since otherwise they’d be lagging behind
    the battle which makes it harder for them to take out the Catapults which
    really are the biggest thread to the Team and the Transylvania.

    – Again: do not get within 4 kms of the Zikasas, since that’s the only time
    when they’re actually dangerous and if you do: make sure you can kill em
    within 10 seconds, since they start to light you up like a bonfire.

    – Also stay away as far as possible from the Catapults so you can evade
    easier. they deal 4k damage on a hit and the Blade does not like getting
    hit for 4k damage.

    – Igor: Load AP for the Catapults only, and focus them first if the Jackals
    fail to kill them with their salvo. Otherwise spam the shit out of the
    Zikasas with HE so they burn their Damage control ability on a mere fire
    instead of Flooding.

    -Rasputin should be one of the last targets after all the Catapults are
    gone and the Closest Zikasas are done for. then hit them with everything
    you’ve got.

    – Froget about the Zikasas which spawn behind you, they’re no danger.

    -Stay the fuck together ( funny that i have to mention this)

    These rules should give you a rather high success rate for the Event (if
    the team knows these rules as well and follows them)

  7. I think you get camos for the challenges (doing 10k damage, doing 100k
    damage, sinking 2 ships) – each gives one camo and some credits (200k for
    the complete trio).

  8. jedi you are a dumbass you let the battleships get into the circle first

  9. otherwise they get left behind, not to mention you mention nothing of the
    defensive onion

  10. do your research, please

  11. sorry Jedi I just have been playing this mode for quite a while and it
    pisses me off that in every match some one jumps in the circle to soon and
    leaves out battleships behind.

  12. I think it’s the Great Eastern. Kind of neat that they used it.

  13. A lot of team damage in that mode is what I’ve seen.

  14. I *think* that’s the Great Eastern: the five funnels give it away (not that
    I’ve ever really seen drawings of Great Western mind)

    I’m also really amused at the paddle wheels on the Blade and Igor. I don’t
    know why but the idea of a paddle-wheeler DD slinging torps is kinda

  15. I think you may have ‘tapped’ the poor Transylvania to death in that first
    match. :D

  16. The Captains were a nice touch

  17. Fairly sure the Blade is a Wakibaki not a Minekaze Jedi.

  18. Also, that’s definetly the Great Flop, I mean Great Eastern. :D

  19. seems to me that only bbs should be in the Trans’ action circle as
    controlling its speed is helpful, trigger a wave, slow it down, deal with
    wave, repeat.

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