WOWS – How To Play A Torpedo Boat | World of Warships

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!

Music; Ponies and Balloons by The Green Orbs.


  1. NOOOOO !!!!!!! waited so long for ur vid, and then u give me WoW … are u kidding me??


  3. Oh oh, Claus has gone wet.

  4. OMG Claus in ships… you have been away ages it would seem. The Shima has pretty good guns now after the buff and 20km torps, the ones spotted from the moon? Come on Claus you are better than this.. 12km torps and USE your guns…. So many shima players using 20km torps and never firing guns, doing 20k ave damage.

  5. Great to see some WoWs!

  6. Much more entertaining than any of that toxic World of Tanks garbage game, keep them coming Claus!!

  7. Claus, u can see all the ship and usernames+hp pool in battle by setting “alternative battle interface” located in ur settings from adaptive to full. Highly recommended. You can also enable ship names, and last spotted icons on the mini map like in WoT by holding Ctrl and clicking on the settings icon in the bottom right hand side of the mini map. also for gunboat DD, right now the best gunboat DD is ironically the 2nd Japanese DD line. The line from tier 1-7 aren’t gunboats, however the akizuki, kitakaze and harugumo and insanely good gunboats. They have decent torps, and their firepower, especially the tier 9 and 10 kitakaze and harugumo can sometimes outgun cruisers.

  8. That’s fun to watch and was a nice change the norm.

  9. What the hell, Claus? WOW?! I’m calling Pierre!

  10. At around 16:00, those were friendly torpedoes – they had white markers. Enemy torpedoes have red markers.

  11. I kinda like the WOW vids, as long as you do a WOT vid too. I am waiting… Just kidding. I know they must be a lot of work.

  12. Wohooo! Klaus in world of warships!!! My day is made!

  13. Thanks for all the great feedback and info! I’m happy so many of you already play wows and have input. I will definitely try the 12km torps but I am not having any problem landing hits with the 20km torps!

    • +Hobie Smith worthless? So he didn’t land any torps in this game then right? Clearly they’re not worthless if you bothered to watch the video.

    • Kenny Blankenship 55555

      “All good things must come to an end…” Whats next? Minecraft?

    • I have to reset my skills but I don’t have enough doubloons to do it. Will get there soon.

    • +Claus Kellerman Free captain respec with update 0.8.0

    • +The_grand_one Yea… 0.8.0, the day WoWs will start to lose many players if they go ahead with their CV reworks. AA is utterly useless in 0.8.0 and CV will be even more problematic than before. Not looking forward to this new version as WG really dropped the ball on this one, even with all the comments from players, closed testers, beta testers, and now public testers. It is about the same as what happened in WoT with Arty and the stun mechanic: every players didn’t want that ever after filling the Sandbox forums WAY before it went to public test. It still made it to live – just like those crap CV changes will go live.

  14. I think American or Russian Destroyers are the best gunboats, but I prefer cruisers and battleships so I might just be biased against stealthy torpedo spewing bastards…..

  15. Porcelain_Throne_God n/a

    I am clicking like mad through my garage and cannot find these “Torpedo Boats”. Are they under Tank Destroyers?

  16. YAY! Love the input for WOWa Claus! It is much more relaxing these days motorboating around in WOWs….less rage…..even when I have a muppet friendly cruiser fly out in front of my DD torp spread…..Im finding the Russian DD’s have short range torps but a “helluva lot of em”……You gotta review the Russian line?

  17. Claus, when you use your speedboost, I think it could be handy to set your speed to full ahead and not 3/4, it’s like a second speed boost ??

  18. For the love of God! Will someone set a damn smokescreen!?

  19. I’ve been playing for 3 years now. A couple of pointers
    1. Don’t discount your guns on torpedo boats. Japanese guns, in particular, get extra damage and penetration. A 2000 damage HE salvo from a Japanese dd isn’t uncommon if you run the IFHE captain skill. Similarly, if you can get close in a gunboat and use torps (like around an island), gunboat torps are devastating and can kill a bb in 1 salvo

    2. There are 2 types of gunboats: knife fighters and ranged. American dds are knife fighters, good for getting up close and killing enemy dds. Russian dds are ranged. They play best at ranges of 8-10 km from the target. The Japanese gunboats have insanely high rates of fire and can pump out ridiculous damage if you use IFHE.

    3. If you have a lot of torpedoes, hold a set in reserve for emergencies. You can also “cross drop” torpedoes and basically use 1 set of torps to fill in the gaps of the previous spread. That makes torpedoes much harder to dodge.

  20. Love the music. Oh, and the commentary too. Good stuff.

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