WoWS is almost DEAD

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This was during an afternoon on EU server, random battles, top tier.

No further comment your honor.

Enjoy and have fun watching, as the end is coming

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  1. I followed this game and this channel for years. It’s nuts WoWs got to this point. If only Wargaming listened to Flambass’ common sense. Flambino I’m happy you diversified your channel with other games seeing WoWs is dying. I enjoy many of your other playthroughs even though I originally came for WoWs. Keep up the lovely work. Cheers from Canada.

  2. wow, so ignoring every piece of negative feedback ever and just reassuring themselves they were making smart decisions WASN’T the call??? Who would have guessed?!

    • Logged on for the first time in ages yesterday, two 3 minute battles in which my team so dominated the enemy it was a joke. My Yama still performed but two or three citadels and then it was over. Boring af

    • this match is not the norm, you know that right? there are still roughly playing the same amount of people at any given time than 5 years ago.

    • If you squint hard enough, you can see he’s playing a supercarrier. If you queue a long time in a supercarrier, it messes up the matchmaking.

    • ​@ElmalabAh yes, almost no player growth in 5 years, a clear sign of a healthy game!

  3. Played the game since CBT… rest now sweet prince

  4. I’m so glad I quit 4 years ago. The moment they allowed CVs into Clan Battles, I was gone. They were my last refuge from the airborne menace.

    • Yep, after the CV rework all went to hell

    • @CraftySnail exacly,i just want to right about that,in the past wg did films about history,and than they did cv rework,and same paper rusian cvs was added ,and stop talking about history🙂 its SF game

    • I quit after they released a completely broken Belfast right before a T7 ranked season. Specifically when Flamu interviewed one of the devs about it and all he did was gaslight the strength of the ship and referred to the ranked season as “the most successful one to date”. That was when I realized these people _really_ do not give a shit about their players and are completely unapologetic about pay to win cash grabs.

      I still enjoy watching other people play, but from all I’ve seen my assessment was spot on.

    • Πανος Οικονομοπουλος

      old system cvs is completely better the new rework cv is stupid, but how about the broken subs? 🙂

    • Introducing Subs didn’t help any either.

  5. Funny thing is I saw plenty of people in the EU server in co-op during that time. I wonder if people are just fed up with randoms and went “nah, let’s just do co-op, screw randoms.”

    • Anniversary points.

      It’s just so much faster to farm them in coop.

    • @treeherder57 That’s true, but I also rarely see the co-op matches full of bots on the player side.

    • I Play for fun, coop is much More fun then randoms These days. So we dont play randoms…

    • @Moritz Bettermann I’ve always played mainly co-op. I’m not very good in randoms and even so I’ve been paired up in clueless teams so I gave up on randoms quickly. Co-op is enjoyable to me still.

    • easier and more reliable way to make youre tasks happening. The way there are setup is anoying and takes away even more from random battles than the game itself does

  6. It’s not even sad, just pathetic. I hope the guys from the graphics department get a job that is appropriate for their skills.

    Also, people don’t want to play, it just means we must add more premium subs and carriers

    • I quit playing after joining my friends because everyone who was playing was an old salt. The learning curve was incredibly steep even before subs.

  7. This is sad, but on a positive note I give a round of applause for that Georgia player, making the best of a bad job. Did amazingly well to not only last that long, but to get so close to winning. Planning on upgrading my PC in November to start sim racing, looks like I am doing it in the nick of time.

  8. You have to give them credit. They are an equal opportunity employer. Going so far as to include hiring people with an intellectual disability in management is highly regarded, especially with the doctors at the “institute”.

  9. Played since the CBT and quit when subs were added. Real shame, WG can’t take away the fun and good memories I already had with the game but still just sad to see what they did. RIP WoWS

    • Same. I took breaks periodically, and usually only came back when there was a historic tech tree (the German and British battlecruisers for example), but subs, on top of the carriers, and now a bunch of cruisers with auto-bombers, just no. There are other naval games, there are mods for those games, I can make do elsewhere.

    • Same. The carriers were already a hit on my interest, but it was still kind of alright until carriers and AA got reworked. Then subs came and it was over. WoWs is truly a masterclass in how to kill your own game.

    • Yeah I had already kind of been drifting away when they “reworked” skill trees to blatantly add a fuck ton more grind and nerf free commander xp generation, but they were the nail. They just never should have been added they were just as impossible to make fun for EITHER side as everyone said. Say what you want about CV, but least if you got near it every class could just shot it.

      Then we got dogshit like T11 and that just further convinced me I’d made the right call, my wallet thanked me at least

    • As a DD player, when they first let carrier players manually control their drops hurt

  10. Ironically it is ships such as the carrier in this game that are killing WOWS. “Who would want to be this guy” he says as unlimited waves of planes bully the guy into oblivion.

  11. Cant they just have carriers and subs in a seperate battles, not like anyone will miss their presence

  12. I mean, when you keep an SS in the queue for a long period (>= 120s) this is exactly what happens. That caveat aside, the result is usually a 5v5 or 4v4. So yeah, this doesn’t look good, but leave us not pretend that the SS CV has not weighted the results.

    • supercvs have an even more limited queue than normal superships so thats probably why this happened. not to mention off peak hours as 1pm is not exactly “mid afternoon.”

    • It shouldn’t happen at all is the problem. It happens cause not enough people are playing super CVS. But we know WG wants a percentage of players playing them, and so we can expect either a buff or a new super cv very soon to try to fix MM

  13. So sad to see this. I loved this game so much and bought so many premiums but the proliferation of radars, HE battleships, cv rework, subs, and paper 18″ BB’s have killed this game off due to the lack of balance

    • Sad fact: You wont get any balance ever again. Any attempt of releasing a balanced ship / line results in it being completely out of meta and noone playing it. Especially cruiser lines suffer.

    • It has spoiled the game in lots of ways, but I still hang in there. Subs aren’t the end-all, but the carriers and the paper ships really do wear me out, too. I especially hate hybrid battleships and “Starships”!

    • @xray86deltastarships?

  14. I remember spending hours and hours playing this game with friends… now its painful to even launch the game

  15. Was looking forward for such games for years, youtube tells me for 8 years (since 1.0, even before tbh). They get what they worked for, love it, wonder who will pay for premium ships when there is nobody left

  16. I quit the game a year ago, but have thousands of hours over the years I was active.

    She’s been mismanaged and molested by Wargaming for far too long. Let her rest now.

    Painful as it may be, the memories of the times we had will have to suffice.

  17. I used to play this fairly often in the past, but eventually the negatives caught up and surpassed the positives. It’s a shame, as there were some things like the special events I legit enjoyed.

  18. ITS WHAT IVE BEING SAYING FOR MONTHS! Co Op is the only thing that will save wows now or a FOUR YEAR ROLL BACK! Cheers

    • A minimum of a 6 year rollback is required, keep the tree ships and balance them out. Make carriers before the rework and make them work for each kills and make the AA stronger to punish bad plays

  19. This happens to me often over here on NA. just yesterday I had like 4 games like this. They weren’t 2v2s but they were like 4v4 and 5v5

  20. Who knew making balancing decisions and adding a ship class nobody wanted would backfire!

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