Wows Italian Battleships Cristoforo Colombo World of Warships BB Guide

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How to Play Italian Battleships Cristoforo Colombo World of Warships Wows New 2021 Captain Build Guide including full ship upgrades and Regia Marina battleship new bbs captain skills Update 0.10.3 high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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0:00 Cristoforo Colombo Build + Captain Skills
1:30 Cristoforo Colombo Gameplay Review Guide
15:00 Cristoforo Colombo Finale + Match Score screens



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, the brand new tier 10 Italian battleship Cristoforo Colombo is out of NDA and in its’s finished state ready for release in update 0.10.3 and will be available for everyone to research in the Italian BB tech tree. Armed with 16 main battery 381mm guns it carries awesome firepower along with decent armor and the exhaust smoke generator. I’ve included the full build as usual. I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Sardauker Legion

    They announced dead eye is quitting with patch 0.10.4. In this ship i totally unlike the range of main guns and their ridiculous 90 mm secondaries.

    • @Sardauker Legion I saw a video where some guy tested the Secondaries of a tier 9 Lepanto vs GK secondary test. And the Lepanto wins by 5 to 10 secs. Also I tested it too because I want to make it sure with the Lepanto vs GK secondary. Lepanto really wins and Lepanto and Colombo have the same amount of Secondaries.

    • @Sardauker Legion and as we all know GK have the best secondaries. But now Italian top tier have the best secondaries now.

    • Sardauker Legion

      @_HEDA_ Strange, both Flamo and Mountbatten descrived them as trash. Do you remember who posted that video? Don’t fnd anything under “Lepanto vs Kurfurst”

    • @_HEDA_ Was it Sea Lord Mountbatten??

    • The 90mm guns have 15mm of pen, which means they can only materially penetrate destroyers’ superstructure. Ifhe takes them to 17mm, same situation as before. They can obviously start fires, if lucky enough. This leaves the true damage to the 152mm guns, which can still only pen 25mm of armour (all superstructures and some cruisers’ plating). GK’s secondaries can penetrate 32mm for the 128mm cannons (every type of plating except ice breakers, some battleships’ and cruisers’ decks) and 38mm for the 150mm ones (everything up to American BB’s decks except for Vermont). Now, counting the absolute dpm the italian secondaries will win and by far, but considering the effective one (which means the one you will actually have in battle) they have no mathematical hope of dealing as much damage as a German one. The only way they can really compare is firing chance (obviously, I’m considering a tier 10 matchmaking. With lower tier matchmaking Italian secondaries become more useful, but still are not reliable).

  3. Deadeye is leaving us, and the Italians and French battleships were the only ones I used it on. It will sap some enjoyment out of those ships, but oh well. I’m happy to see it go regardless. Still, nice game CC, you did good, and showed off most of the strengths/weaknesses of this ship. The carrier strike at the end is definitely what doomed you, otherwise you could have taken out the Riga as well, I think.

    • Yes deadeye is going and its not necessarily a bad thing either and yes I was trying lol

    • @Carbine Carlito I mean the skill itself wasn’t a bad skill, it made certain ships playable for me, such as the French and Italian battleships as I said before, ships that needed a buff to dispersion to make the main guns actually useful as some other than a close-range shotgun. The way it changed how the game was being played across the board, though, was just not healthy for the game and I myself haven’t played a game in tier 8 through 10 since a few weeks after the launch of the new skills save for when my div mates basically forced me to. Lol. It just wasn’t enjoyable. Hopefully this will change things up a bit and make the battles more interesting.

  4. That MVR sure knows how to spice things up.

  5. seeratlas d' Tyria

    Darn 🙁 after weeks of fun in the LePanto I was really looking forward to the release of the Colombo but now… frankly I have done well with an IGFE full 2ndary build which bumps the penetration of the LP’s secondary HE just enough to ensure meaningful damage, making it a serious problem for approaching cruisers and dd’s. However, this means doing some serious up close and dirty work when taking down the ‘Big Boy” BB’s one on one. The biggies, like the GK’s, are particularly dangerous as there’s just soooo much hp to chop your way thru, not to mention THEIR own 12.5 km secondaries. If you can avoid the Kremlin’s full blast salvo’s ; you CAN take em down from the side, but it’s a high anxiety way to play Hehehehe. Range doesn”t turn out to be such an issue, as you’ll want to do most of your main battery work, closer in. Frankly I was hoping for some more 2ndary build ‘luv’ given the impending demise of deadeye, but…at least do far, I don’t see it on the Colombo. especially with 90mm ‘flyswatter’s all over the deck 🙁 I just don’t understand all the ‘mixxed’ signals from WOWS on how these ships are supposed to play out. Oh well, the Congress may well be one VERY interesting cruiser. LOL.

  6. Thanks for the pre-view. Very interesting ship and one i just might pick up.

  7. Since it’s an Italian BB:

    “Si, si, wanna see CC the CC in his CC!”

  8. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    hope you had a lye-down this game 🙂

  9. I like the Mega Lyon. Hopefully its worth playing. Also:-

    “Si, si, wanna see CC the CC, sail to sea in his C.C”

  10. Keep up the good work. Was nice to play against you earlier and I hope you eat more of my torps soon!

    • Hey there, omg that was a one sided slap around lol, by far the worst game I had this afternoon

    • @Carbine Carlito I had an entire evening of that. Loads of games which no matter how much you try they are unwinnable. I hope we meet on fairer terms next time 🙂
      GL for KOTS!

  11. Holy cow, I didn’t even know until now that her turrets can turn 360 degrees, that’s really useful

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Yeah I agree, I just said that that seems to be the reason the other dude didn’t like 360 turrets.

    • @Wombat huh

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA I said that when the other guy said he doesn’t like 360 turrets, he probably meant that the turrets often turn behind the superstructure without him noticing, so it’s harder to keep the right kind of angling to keep all turrets shooting.

      But I myself do agree with you, having 360 turrets is way better than not having them.

    • @Wombat yup, what you said. Kind of. I have no issue with turrets getting out of control as I often use lock. When in a knife fight with say the Alaska, it is very easy to know when all 3 turrets can fire and you angled correctly. In the Petro, it is very difficult to know when you have the ‘correct’ angle to fire all 3 and stay on that bearing. I also plan my turns very well, and it is often very beneficial to have 1 turret back and 2 forward. It enables me to split fire easily which in heavy hitting ships can be a great asset. All in all I dislike 360 turrets. On a DD there is an argument for them, but on battle cruisers and BB’s. No thank you. Hope that makes sense.

    • @Wombat yup

  12. In the words of a certain Lord, “I’ve been looking forwards to this.”

    I lost it at “CC the CC going to sea in his C.C”

  13. Kaiser Chillhelm

    Ty bro for every content

  14. very excited for this to finally come out. I already have over 500k experience on my Lepanto so I’m ready to go on patch day!

  15. I don’t know how I feel about this ship.
    Having that many guns is great but the fact that you can fire salvos and only have 3 actual pens is kind of terrible.

  16. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    If it doesn’t have a one time consumable that activates at the halfway point of that match allowing the ship to switch sides I call BS. What happened to historical accuracy lol.

  17. the only thing that really got me interested in this ship is those back 360deg rotating turrets. Still i believe in terms of pure SAP consistency, u can get a lot more out of venezia compared to CC.


  19. Just find your channel, was looking for C. Colombo review, and only Trenlass and you have it! Gg being first, little channel👍

  20. That Manfred is a true gem of a player

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