Wows Italian Battleships Lepanto World of Warships How to SAP Guide

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How to Play Italian Battleships Lepanto World of Warships Wows New 2021 Captain Build Guide including full ship upgrades and Regia Marina battleship new bbs captain skills Update 0.10.1 high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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0:00 Lepanto New Captain Skills
1:06 Lepanto new skills gameplay
12:15 Lepanto Crazy Comeback + Match Score screens

The tier 9 Italian battleship Lepanto is now available in early access and is already proving to be quite strong. A lot of questions are arising on the issue when and where and how to use SAP and when to use AP. I hope this Lepanto replay provides you some useful insight and tips on how to play Lepanto. I’m using the Italian bonus captain luigi Sansonetti and this is the full build I’m using in this game. This turned out to be an incredibly fun game from my earlier live stream I hope you all enjoy the match. This is the full captain build I used in this game Captain Skills: Gun Feeder, Grease the Gears, Basics of Survivability, Concealment Expert, Emergency Repair Expert, Dead Eye and Adrenaline Rush. Upgrades: Main Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 2, Concealment System and Main Battery Mod 3. This is an experimental build I’ve been playing around with during testing to make use of the range boost given by Sansonetti on getting a kill in game and deadeye to make up for the dispersion and I’ve had a lot of fun trying it out. The Italian battleship Lepanto is now live and available to everyone in world of warships in update 0.10.1 with the launch of the Italian battleship event along with other Regia Marina Italian battleships like Conte di Cavour, Andrea Doria, Francesco Caracciolo, Vittorio Veneto to mention a few.



  1. Miroslav Zhelyazkov

    First! 🙂 Can’t miss that legendary voice.

  2. Hello and welcome once again everyone, today’s video features the tier 9 Italian battleship Lepanto. The previous video on the Lepanto featured a game firing SAP all the time but it was very inefficient in many situations. I tried to show in this game the correct use of each ammo type according to each target and situation. I hope you all enjoy the game and let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  3. 2:22 that ain’t a bug… He has stock ship with 14.4km range, that’s why he wasn’t spotted, and that island blocked others in his range from spotting him… I mean, these are the basics of the game, if you don’t know them, why are you making guides?

    • @Miroslav Zhelyazkov mate, the ship was at 14.8kms, with 14.4km range, it’s not a bug, it’s a stock ship. You can see it’s at 36 600hp, so it’s stock hull aswell.

    • @karlo šmehil so not a bug just a result of poor implementation of game mechanics

    • Miroslav Zhelyazkov

      @karlo šmehil OK, you are right! However, knowing too much has never been my priority in this game. I am a veteran player and play the game without investigating every little detail or bug. After all WOWs is my hobby and not a subject of scientific interest. 🙂 And yes, I play pretty OK for a non competitive player. Last ranked season I played in the Golden league.

    • @Jordan Mason not a bug, it’s a feature… 😂

    • @Miroslav Zhelyazkov that’s bullshit and you know it mate. 😄
      I also try to play uncompetitive but when you get that one team when they barely know how to steer their ship and you carry that game, it’s a best fuckin feel ever… And those games happen in gold league too, I assure you.
      Plus, as a “hobby” player you don’t watch guides on how to improve, you just play.
      But yeah, memorising all these little facts is kinda hard, I mean, I didn’t know range or hp of this ship, I went into tech tree to look it up if indeed it was a bug, or if it was the range, smth smelled fishy when he said it was a bug so I went to check. If it was a bug I’d be sending this video to WG to fix it.

  4. I have ugly free camos, but this one…

  5. Thomas Dave Dumayac

    Great video! I can’t wait to get my hands on Lepanto once they’re line would be completely available for research. After seeing your reviews on the Italian BBs, I’m now opting to grind and keep them starting from Andrea Doria, Vittorio Veneto, Lepanto, and the Colombo.

  6. Not at all impressed with the Andrea Doria, I do hope they get better. What was the Schors doing in that match?

  7. I don’t care what Flamu says, Italian BB’s are not mediocre.

  8. Great video CC! The Balti at the start had some sort of significant emotional event

  9. I still wonder if AP fired instead of sap if it would have been the same?
    Everyone is doing T8 what about t7?
    I should get enough point for the t7 but not sure about T8.

    • I’ll recover the tier 7 and tier 8 soon as they had their stats adjusted since the previous videos

    • @Carbine Carlito cool.
      I got the t6 1 game in coop so take it for what it is. It was fun.
      Everything i dont like about US BB slow speed and 35 sec reload. I never even got enough XP to upgrade the t6.
      Looks like the same Italian like the see but will see.
      I like Roma so hopefully these will he Roma with sec that can work.

  10. There has been a lot of stealth fire these day

  11. This is pretty much every game now a days. Players map awareness are terrible.

  12. Schors and Colorado actually did quite well!

  13. Enjoying the Andrea Doria can rally slap cruisers with the sap shame it’s so infective against DDs

  14. This design of BBs is really nice. Knowing when to switch Ammo, knowing when to utilise advantages. This line will make many BB players better if they try to play it srsly. Very nice design. Give a shit what flamu says.

    • Except Flamu is perfectly on point and even a broken clock can read the right time twice a day. Any other battleship could have done the same if not better in a battle like this: what Carlito did was exploit his position to create a crossfire while any of the enemy cared to angle on it at all, meaning, The match never actually put this Lepanto in a position to show it’s real drawbacks.

    • @Zumzifero there are many situations where disengaging is nigh impossible and this ship can do, with its decent concealment, great armor and smoke. SAP is basically high pin, high alpha, HE with no fire chance, so it actually teaches you when to use HE in other BBs. Yes the line is balanced. Is that the fucking problem?? U wanted an overpowered line?? Go somewhere else, it’s nice to have a balanced ship for once. And there are many things that other BBs could do but now can’t or just straight up can’t. It can push in or disengage effectively or avoid CVs with smoke and good concealment, tank shells quite effectively which other BBs could do, but aren’t the best at it, fires a large amount of shit so most of the time it’s bound not to miss. And may I know, why Flamu and like two other CCs are raging on practically everything they set their eyes on, while others like Carbine here don’t???

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA SAP bounces: can you understand it? SAP deal 10% damages on DDs, as I told so many times even before Flamu confirmed that. Cruisers that you can overmatch are better dealt with AP. Cruisers you CAN’T overmatch just laugh at (see the Baltimore until he decided to show broadside) you AA is just a sorry SORRY joke, range is not there, the turtle back was nerfed to a mockery with 25mm of armour just over matchable by tier VI…
      This “Could” still be viable in the times when the counterpart was an Iowa, but that was like 5 years ago. The only sorrier line is probably the British one.
      anyway, I think Flamu has a LOT more credibility than you about understanding how this game works and if he says something is not good and brings actual “EVIDENCE” of that, well, the weight of his opinion is somewhere more noticeable then your own 😉

    • Flamu’s opinion?
      Tallin best tier 8 cruiser
      Thunderer is only Marksman’s dream and not OP
      Kremlin OP
      Slava is the best tier 10 BB
      and when he think that a ship is not worth his time, he won’t even talk about her strength much (SAP on these BBs)

    • @Zumzifero oh plz, he is better than me, but his standards are to high, that normal players just can’t sit and watch with a straight face. Also SAP bounces if the ship is now in, and superstructures exists. Also broadside cruisers are better dealt with, with AP, and cruisers you can’t overmatch are slapped by SAP. I won’t complain about the AA coz even good AA is a joke. And better to have a ship that will be punished for mispositioning, then a ship that isn’t. We don’t want another line that powercreeps the Germans even more. They are viable against all ships. And you are pointing out the downsides, as if the ship only has downsides, and you forgot this ship is tanky and has smoke. Its like saying the Petro is weak against everything coz it’s so clumsy and has shit HE.

  15. Good video and good example why sap isn’t the main deal here but I this only reinforce my idea about a unfair trade giving up too much for an average BB. This ship will perform poorly for most of the players, you are a good player with special commander. Nice come back

  16. Desync and bug’s in this update

  17. Still working on the tier 5 which is better than I expected. Did not play the tier 4.

  18. Matchmaking has been horrible. A lot of my ranked teammates have 44 or 46% winrates. VERY FRUSTRATING

  19. *(I have nothing against Flamu he’s a great CC)*
    In Flamu’s recent video on the Lapanto he greatly criticized the IT BBs lines inability to be versatile however he only chambered SAP like twice in that video.
    I feel the IT BB line, much like IT CA line when it first came out, was greatly misunderstood because of how radically different they are from our normal ammo type equipped ships. People aren’t seeing the tactical advantages it presents.
    Yes, you’re stuck with 381mm guns with questionable dispersion. So 27mm, 30mm, and 50mm armored CAs can obviously bow tank and autobounce your incoming. But that’s precisely where the IT BBs present their best aspects. You simply load SAP and suddenly their angling doesn’t mean nearly what it meant before.
    i.e. that Baltimore.
    That would’ve situation would’ve been way more time consuming for an Alsace.
    I like this game design because there’s uniqueness here. There’s a skill floor and a skill ceiling that’s respectable. A lot of people just wanted these ships to be a bunch of Romas. How boring would that have been?

    • Great response and yes I agree. I was being lambasted on previous videos on the Italian bbs because most players wanted to see SAP being fired all the time and that is simply not an efficient use of the Italian battleships main guns. True I’m using the Sansonetti captain for enhanced gun feeder which makes swapping ammo type even faster but I really believe this is how the Italian battleships can be very strong. Normally I like playing a bit closer to my targets but I was forced into a defensive posture here being rushed early and then stalked by a destroyer for long periods but even at range was able to land quite a few decent salvos and still be effective in the fight. I think as more players get their hands on them and have more playtime they will realise they are not nearly as bad as some people are making out. I always say to everyone look around, look at multiple ccs dont believe just one not even me because at the end of the day it’s still just one mans opinion.

  20. Great game captain

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