WOWs – Kraken Unleashed | World of Warships

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. Release the Kraken !!!!

  2. World of Warships is all Arty all the time.

  3. He’s torped again! Whooooaaaahooohoooo

  4. Admiral Jingles is the waterborne guy now-a-days. Claus you are the man when it comes to WOT these days and have been for quite awhile. So with knowing (hoping and not really caring) you will not be offended as I sign off after giving you a thumbs up, I will say I’m out of here. “It’s not you, it’s me.” “You have brought much needed relief to the community of pixel killers and we are truly grateful for your calming commentaries and reviews of all the nuances that make up the WOT experience.” I am into what you do (no homo), but I’m not into the slower pace of WOW. See you tomorrow.

  5. Lol yes switch from HE, Kuma has a huge citadel for instant delete. That St Louis/Charleston has coal bunkers protecting itself. I aim to hit higher than the water line on them. You get citadels then.

  6. It seems like you figured out how to put this awesome game on Youtube :).

  7. AjSliter Productions

    Claus, I’ve been playing World of Warships lately because I cannot bear to go back to the overwhelming toxicity that is World of Tanks. The only thing I hate about Warships is the gargantuan research costs. I was a beta tester also Claus and I loved the pre-release xp costs more than anything. In the North American Server, low tier ship players are nearly non-existent, even at tier IV. Every time you are in a tier IV battleship there are at least 2 carriers on the enemy team and you get wrecked before you have a chance to do anything. I have thought about making World of Warships a temporary home, but with the grind being so painfully slow (compounded by the molasses slow queue times), slower that World of Tanks I have been thinking maybe moving to War Thunder permanently. After 6 years playing Tanks and the game getting worse and more toxic I may have no choice, but to fold from Wargaming titles completely. If only Wargaming wasn’t so greedy and the player-base in North America wouldn’t be so quick to judge most players’ skill as mediocre.

    • Do the missions to win camos and signal flags that boost XP to speed up grind. I got to teir 7 French cruiser in just two days using the boosters playing about 3-4 hours per day.

  8. I’ll start with the good: Nice game man! 🙂

    The bad: YOU HE SPAMMING SCRUB! That is an Ark Beta, you use AP and nuke people for God’s sake! (that being said RNG was not being nice to you) Also never use your repair on one fire…cuz we all know the torps are coming.. I would have gone for the ram on that last CV, but that is me.

    The Ugly: You know a game is dying with it takes that long to get a battle at that low a tier. Shame, I had fun for awhile there. Oh wait, subs will fix that! No problem Comrade! LOL, at least we will always have tanks…

    • Don’t bet on it. WG is putting Bots into Low tier PC games. Doesn’t that mean that new Noobs aren’t grinding tiers and/or they simply buy Premium tanks and jump up to top tiers? If so, can’t be good for “Sustainable Development” of the WoT’s environment long term.
      Especially, since they’re seeing the Pot at the end of the Rainbow and the Gold is being Spammed at them.

    • When I saw him use his repair for a single fire I was like “Oh Jingles would have a field day with this one”.

    • They only time I see bots in Tanks is when I end up on South American server by mistake.That being said, the number of seal clubbers at the lower tiers is getting out of hand. I know its always been bad in tanks, but under tier 6 is a crapshoot. I think Tanks had long enough to get a pretty solid player base before things went sideways (arty, Gold Spam, power creep, etc) But Ships didn’t have a chance IMO.

  9. I should go to bed now as it’s late and I need to set interest rates at the Fed tomorrow and I’ve had too much crack already, but what the hell, I’ll just watch Claus….

  10. LOL, Your reaction to a victory was worth the whole video!

  11. Oh look Claus uploaded a World of Warships video. OMG. What a terrible horrible person. Let me click the dislike button. I usually don’t have the energy to even move my mouse one quarter of an inch to click like but this time I will make the effort of clicking dislike. That will show him!

  12. Claus, you do know that only old farts play WoWS? 😉

  13. Wee Captain Claus ?. And he is spamming HE like a muppet ???.

  14. he’s avoiding me….

    Yeah, i guess he didnt want to be i am died yet.

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  15. What a ship show, “The Clausian Awaits”.

  16. two questions:
    1: why did you not ram that carrier at the end of the match, he was the last vessel of the enemy
    2: WHY WAS THERE NO INTRO?????? Feeling soo sad now Claus

  17. Klaus, ve hef to talk about zat German camo you’re wearing.

  18. This was painful to watch. HE, aiming too high, putting one fire out. Couldn’t bare to watch any more….

  19. 13:45 “Ad I can’t repair” oh course you can’t cuz you just repaired a SINGLE fire like the noob you are. Terrible decisions made.

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