WoWS – Live Play // Atlantico / “It is too late mother, I have seen everything”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Nice of you to post these games. Check the available camo on this ship, mine had a more pedestrian permanent camo option when the dockyard delivered it. That Mainz in the 1st bout was super annoying farming you.

  2. Regarding funnel layout like that – this kind of arrangement was fairly common for late WWI designs and the machinery layout they required, looking at BBs like the Ise and Nagato classes. Depending on the speed which they were designed for (Ise being designed for 25 knots), they needed larger machinery spaces spreading out over more length of the ship and correspondingly more funnels. That this imaginary refit has retained both funnels, while ships like the Nagato and Ise classes went back to single funnel arrangements later (or the QEs which first merged both funnels into one humungously large funnel before also going to a true single funnel upon their final refits) was due to it not receiving a machinery refit like the other ones I mentioned – more modern machinery generated more power while also reducing machinery spaces and required less funnels. Same thing with the Italian BBs of that era. Basically, you’re looking at a “cheap” refit instead of a rebuild, which was pretty common for South American navies.

  3. This ship was really based on a real concept? To me, the secondary set-up and hull shape scream pre-dreadnought (except with superdreadnought guns and gun-layout). That backpointing bow in particular is something you see on pre-dreads, but not dreadnoughts: even HMS Dreadnought herself had a vertical bow – and the QE’s (to which this ship clearly is a successor) had forward pointing ones.

    Then again: Kearsarge turned out to be a real concept as well, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

  4. I enjoy these “Live Play” videos,
    Keep em coming please Jedi

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