WoWS – Live Play // HMS Incomparible / “Are you feeling all right there, Jackie Fisher”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Jackie Fisher: “SPEED IS ARMOUR! REEEEEEEEE!!!”

  2. This ship has some of the most bonkers proportions.
    Its as if you take the design of HMS Repulse, bring it to Salvador Dali and ask him to make some improvements.

  3. Good old captain ‘what’s his face? ‘

  4. You should have sidehugged that Kaga all game for additional stealth armor.

  5. The mighty Burger King aka Bourgogne can overmatch it’s bow & stern..I got Bourgogne as my 1st steel ship, i’d rather have 12 guns & monster range than a short range T10 Repulse..

  6. Matthew Wadwell

    Very good video.

    The funniest thing in the video, was that aircraft are an obvious problem for this ship – but it has a “high” Air Defense value…..

  7. Georgia not having speed boost, are you sure about that captain 😉 Think she tops out at 38ish knots tho. I am interested in this ship but don’t have Stalingrad, Shiki or Bourgogne yet for example so perhaps should look at those first.

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