WoWS Live Play // Submarines / “The seaweed is always greener”

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Submarines, for when you want to sink on purpose for some reason.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Call me crazy but why not give them a different spawn upfront, nerf theur speed guve them norm torps, and buff there concealment? Also remove the ablity to fire torps past the parescope depth or surface.

  2. An abomination that’s ruined the game, even more…

  3. unpopular opinion: i think they may actually have a positive effect on high end gameplay giving a counter to bow tanking Russian CA

  4. I’m waiting for Godzilla and Mothra to be playable!

  5. Let it out Jedi, let it alllll out.

  6. Just wait until they introduce wheeled vehicles. No, not wheeeled vehicles, i was thinking of another game. Motor Torpedo Boats…. The effect will be the same.

  7. The game does tell you where the pings are coming from, not sure what causes it but it does give you a “hay pings are coming form this way” kinda like radio location. But yeah subs are pretty Terrible no matter how you slice it, they aren’t fun to play (if you get spotted your are going to die soon afterward, you cant avoid depth charges even on the SURFACE, and try as i may my torps just DONT hit. Oh and did i mention that RADIO LOCATION will track you unless at max depth.) and not fun to play against (all they do is ping the shit out of you till they get spotted and die, and can just disappear at will by going to max depth).

    Like, you move into position, DIVE, fire torpedos and use the ping to home them in on target, but then the moment you get spotted its not the DESTROYERS that kill its the Depth charge airstrike spam from the Cruisers and Battleships that kills you. You are spotted by aircraft unless at max depth (and cant do anything about it cus you have no AA, and even if you did it would do almost nothing lets be honest), you are spotted by radar unless at Operating Depth or lower, you are spotted by hydro unless at max depth. Its like they just expect you to dive to max depth till you run out of air.

    The consumables are a joke: Hydrophone acts like Hydro but it only is noticeable when at Operating depth or max depth, their is no indication of it on the surface, I cant see any use for the limited number of US “dive plane” consumables due to the fact it doesn’t last very long and you only get 2, and the German Battery consumable is arguably the best consumable cus it pauses your resupply for 30 seconds.

    For the record you don’t have to use the ping AT ALL you can manually aim the torpedos just like a Destroyer but the ping gives you benefits (homing or damage). I love the IDEA of SUBS but for god sake, what WG came up with just doesn’t work.

  8. While I know WoWS is a arcade game, this historian in me _cringes_ every time I see a sub played, as this was NOT the way the were used in real life.

    As a result, this breaks the “suspension of belief” that games rely on – and so I cannot play them…..

  9. There are several problems with the subs. but also the interaction between them and ships.
    My suggestion might be a unpoular one, but id give the destroyers a ping back effect for when the subs ping them.
    It then gives the direction of the ping for Light cruisers/ Destroyers, and i would remove the anti sub airplanes from the battleships and rather give them a autorepair that reacts to the ping tag from subs that is seperate from the normal repair.
    The subs id give a refil consumable on air and imunity to debt charges wile surfaced and slower torps along with imunity to radiolocation wile submerged or at periscope depth , The ping allready ignores smoke so destroyers and smoke machines like the mino hate them so a ping back tracking system would be usefull instead

  10. I’m glad you did a submarine video as I have no clue how they work yet

  11. Submarines don’t fit the game partly because of the same reasons that carriers don’t, either. Either underpowered or overpowered and if you manage to find the fine line between it you end up with a a thing that is overpowerd in the hands ov very skilled players and useless in everybody else’s. which pleases a certain “elite” but damages the game.
    You could even argue that at the very beginning destroyers had a similiar problem because as oneshot glass cannons in the hands of very capable players they were ludicrously overpowerd.
    World of Warships was the upgrades with all kinds of “soft” features to balance the classes, smoke, radar, repair thingies, etc. etc. And it kinda worked for the surface shooty shooty ships. But carriers are still a problem, and subs will be a bigger one.

    I’d love a simpler game, frankly. In earlier, maybe pre-dreadnaught, or just about dreadnaught era. Where you just have a simple proper battle with shooting at each other. Maybe it would be too boring for most. But my argument is WoWs became too convoluted for an arcade game, while staying too arcadey for a simulation game and forces artificial battle situations with ship classes in them that historically never took part in those, for good reasons.
    I admit i had the most fun in the Tier I and II battles. yes, I am weird.

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