WoWS or Touch Grass – World of Warships

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I won’t bother showing you any games with Nakhimov because they are as boring as WOWS gameplay gets, but this match was a bit different.

Sometimes it really makes me wonder who or what am I playing with.

I am sure you had games like these and can relate.

More crazy games on the way 😉

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  1. Nice! Grats 🙂

  2. I love playing Vermont but I can’t win in it. Welcome to the club

  3. OneManThrillRide

    exactly my games for the last week … 3 man divs on my side with 38%er … me alone vs. unicum enemy … shit shit from start to finish

  4. Andreas Apostolopoulos

    The sum of the braindead players of this game, gathered in one team, with Flambass. It frustrates you, makes you go beyond angry, and burns your brain cells, for what? Playing against or with (!) potatoes like those. What an accomplishment to withstand all this my dude, what a feat…

  5. well this kind of game do happened to me sometimes, kinda suck when in just 5 minutes 80% your teammate is vanished

  6. just to you know only 2 player of your team have over 50%wr including urself!!
    *hidden monty included since his xp speak for him!

  7. These kinds of team are my team 9 out of 10 games, it is killing wows for me more than WG can.

    • Need to replace the match-making team!!!

    • WG is still learning what is match-making, they will probably shutdown before understanding the value of it.
      Anyway, back to coop 😀
      The only place where potato team doesnt matter.

    • agree 100% the match maker is broken and has been for couple months its that or with thye player base dropping so low we are seeing these useless players and bots

  8. that cats reaction in the begining of the video 😀 😀 😀

  9. Martin Rasmussen

    If all the bad players left, there would hardly be any playerbase..

  10. Watching flambass vids is like Haaland coming into play 5 min late, just because there won’t happen anything and still scoring a hattrick.

  11. Christopher Game Dev

    Reminds me of my Furutaka game – my entire team died killing nothing while I was on Kraken and working on my 6th kill when the game ended. I had 3x more XP than second guy on my team XD

    • I would fear to be on the other side of you in a Zao, holy crap dude:’)

    • Christopher Game Dev

      @MetallicaLife4 Nah, Zao is all about long range and HE. But Furutaka used to be the only cruiser of it’s tier armed with 203mm guns. Many low tier cruiser players threat the game as some kind of HE dpm contest so they show broadsides a lot trying to get all the guns to bear and then… Furutaka happens 😉 But in tier X I definitely prefer USS “Demoness” because I’m more about ambush-predator style, than boring DPM contests. Anyway, I uninstalled 2 years ago and I’m unlikely to go back. Airstrikes, subrmarines, superships, high DPM spammers (both HE and SAP) and new ridiculous CVs and super CVs… The game is no longer about positioning and close fights. Meta got messy and I was tired of playing 2 hours of frustrating games just to get one decent game. I think I can have more fun per time invested in many other games 🙂 So I just enjoy the few selected games on YT and it’s enough. Sometimes I miss my Des Moines or Yamato, but I know good times are gone and not coming back to this game – time to move on and do things that are actually fun

  12. tell us how you really feel about that carrier.

  13. doing 216k dmg in Vermont in less then 9 minutes is incredible. also, this kind of team is more and more prevalent it would seem.

  14. What about Montana ??? Been waiting on seeing you play it.

  15. I’ve mostly been in Ranked lately, but I’ve seen similar levels of gameplay. The other night I had a Kitakaze player who was AFK for half the match, then when he finally joined us he drove forward and SHOT HIS GUNS AT TORPEDOES while ignoring a Yugumo 5 km away from him that gunned him to death. It very well might have been the most useless teammate I’ve ever had.

  16. Oh lord that volley on the Yoshino… that hurt me

  17. Now this is a typical match for me. The only kill for my team.
    And people wonder why I rarely play this game anymore…

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