WoWS Randoms // USS Kidd / “Loveless, Actually”

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Something a bit new! This replay is from player SevgisizBuyudum, who’s going to be showing us just why the Kidd is such a strong gunboat at it’s tier.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. That was a very well played game.

    A few things:
    1) Yes, it’s Halsey
    2) Kidd can have a speedboost, you trade it for DefAA.
    3) We should send you more replays o.O

  2. He had indeed had a previous fire on the Dunkerque. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you shared this one, edge of my seat for sure! Great watch.

  4. Ramble away to any background video you like, Jedi!

  5. i hate the shell arch of US DD guns,
    and Atlanta and all other relevant ships

  6. I enjoyed this video – feel free to find more replays from the WoWS replay website….

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