WoWS Ranked // “The agony and the ecstasy”

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I almost went with “What fresh hell is this?” instead, but on reflection I thought that perhaps wouldn’t be entirely fair…


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. That Akatsuki had clearly made the decision to prioritize the enemy CV.

  2. I think one reason ARP ships are popular is that fact with the collab wrap up people got 10pt captains for free and with the new skill layout that’s enough for Concealment Expert.

  3. DOH! a ship wandering off on it’s own, people shooting at teammates, german language in chat. Let the games being eh? 😀

  4. Nah..they don’t shout obscene stuff. the first dude just tells the other to move and the other dude just replies that it was not necessairy to shoot him

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