WoWs show #18: funny and lucky moments. Big guns only.

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We’re to present you with a new compilation of the most interesting and funny gameplay moments from our players. This one is dedicated entirely to battleships!


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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What was your luckiest fight on a battleship?

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  2. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Nice vid guys!

  3. there is no luck, everything is planned and well thought, kappa

  4. Looks like something Robin would’ve edited.

  5. Hmmm yes the water here seems to be made out of water.

  6. I once was playing a Nagato, on a tier IX battle, and nearly at the end of it, I was alone, with a Kaga as my only Ally and an enemy August V. P. With an Asashio on the enemy team. The Kaga manage to destroy the DD and I was alone, quite far from the enemy CV and when the torp plane comes, I was spamming the r key so to not get flooding damage since my health is around 10k and good thing it’s a German CV, my hp was down to 1 and we finally won by points, although the enemy CV is like 15k hp left. unfortunately I don’t have the video 😢

  7. 2 (two) tech tree ships in this compilation. But I am sure, there is no pay to win, only rng.

  8. 4:30 DMCA music flamuHYPERBAN

  9. player teamkill*

    wg : here yo your reward

  10. The intro was funny. The rest were just a compilation of high damage games you can watch elsewhere.

  11. Shipping ships, shipping ships… hehehe ; )

  12. Are these multiple signs and icons AT ALL TIMES on the screen, completely ruining the cinematic presence effect?

  13. I haven’t seen so much fun in a long time… the last time I saw something so funny was when my missus flicked chocolate spread at me at it went in my eyes. The cat then decided it wanted some of that chocco goodness and proceeded to gouge my eyes out with razor sharp kitty claws. That was a funny day.

  14. imagine if WoW teamed up with DCS and merged their worlds

  15. Die Wölfe kommen: USA hat Beweis

    i was playing a geneisau, through from 2 BBs and 1 CA, left torps 3 hits to BB, right torps kill CA and rammed the other BB, kill 2.

  16. Every time you manage to catch a CV inside its concealment zone…

  17. The last bit can be summed up in:
    “How are you not dead?”
    “I have no idea!”

  18. ok, damn that’s 6 minutes of my life i won’t get back again

  19. epitome of fun: when they announce Puerto Rico directives.

  20. I don’t know who puts these vids together, but this is great work. Actual meme edits and they’re not dated or anything. Fantastic work.

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