WOWS SHOW! Episode 4 | World of Warships

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Welcome to the SHOW! Upload your replay on, and get a chance to get into the series and earn some rewards. You can find more information on our portal!

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!



  2. Some great replays there. I am really enjoying the Russian BB line!

  3. AVW_TorchCad30 NA

    I have enjoyed each and every video so keep them coming ??

  4. Please release Dasha and Captain Bad Advice green screen, thank you xD

  5. Now this is what a game company is supposed to do!

  6. A meme from Kurt Chezter or the black bandit

    World of warships can you launch the steampunk paint on the USS St. Louis in any gaming consule

  7. wtf that 3 broadsiding stallin in front of yoshino and they re all dead from that ship?

  8. those 3 stalingrad captains..definitely got sent to the gulag after that..

  9. didnt know Iowa was submarine

  10. Musashi ?!?!?! ^^

  11. LG COC The Lagging Offencoch


  12. That poor Salem player, 9 kills all that damage and still a loss, how frustrating

  13. that Musashi thing will become a meme

  14. And here I thought only elite players would be able to afford Stalingrads? :’D

  15. I hope the last clip was also sent to Jingle’s

  16. FerrbearTron -Rex

    What the…? (Explosion) OUCH!!!

  17. That poor salem player with 9 kill in a loss.

  18. Illyasviel Mirai

    now wg you’ve shown us what Russian bias really is from those battleships

  19. I am sure no one will read this!! loving the game by the way.

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