WoWS Show: Funny Moments #10 | World of Warships

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Upload your replay on, and get a chance to get into the series and earn some rewards.
    You can find more information on our portal!

  2. great video though the guy in the Black at the end should get something also for being a great spotter!!!!

  3. I am in awe with this upload.
    Seriously awesome..!!
    You made my evening time with tea

  4. 7:57 the best montage hahaha

  5. You need Jingles to narrate this.

  6. *”Are you guys bot?*

  7. 8:31 – Kid Voice
    Destroyer clan – [ADULT] hahahahahaha
    Amazing and very funny video Wargaming, where can i find this soundtrack video? I loved the songs 🙂

  8. wow love the intro

  9. On this episode: Bugs, bots and balans

  10. 3:43 reminds me of when Haguro when completely vertical in Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
    Still hoping for Iona as a playable submarine.

  11. Those two ranked battle vets coming together at the end to style on the enemy team that thought they had a win, haha!

  12. Well done both Osprey and Dmver_ Had fun watching you 2.

  13. 6 mil dmg… lol, the aims of the enemy players are so bad.

  14. 8:50 jingle has another one, 2 ships left beat 7 ships chasing them, and mostly bigger ships.

  15. 3:37
    Ok now…stand up

  16. I like how they had to blur out the final clip chat because I bet it was salty af

  17. Enslaved singaporean

    Can’t believe that practically the whole enemy team can’t take down a single ship for like 10 minutes.
    They must have the worst god dam aim even beatty(yeah i am copying Drachinifl) would kill himself

  18. I’m 99% sure I was one of the ships in the first clip I didn’t think anyone would record it either

  19. Really good audio and video editing. Well done.

  20. Lots of incredible editing, well done!

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