WoWS Show: Funny Moments | World of Warships

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Welcome to the WOWS SHOW! Best funny moments in World of Warships.

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  1. Wow Rasputin, just wow

  2. Its Bintang Azzava

    When The Fireworks Shows Up,
    Yamato : *I AM INEVITABLE*

  3. 0:06 that kind of looks like thanos

  4. fix smolensk

  5. WoWs: *dodges torpedos, without “torpedo beat”*
    Yuro: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Wow is a WoWs!

    *Playing WoWs*
    Me: WoW the coolest graphics ever heheheheh

  7. At the beginning, you can see ships in their mating and reproducting environment. See how they go on top of each other so that the miracle of nature can perpetuate itself.

  8. Dear WG can you censored this clip at 2:30?

    This is illegal.

  9. Why do I hear Ducktales already once it reaches 4:03?

  10. the funniest moment is when you hit that one with yamato and 2060 damage cannon

  11. you know what‘s also „funny“? That the smolensk still isnt nerfed.

  12. I was looking forward to watching these from Japan.

  13. The Nagato player was truly favoured by the RNG gods, I envy him so much!

  14. funniest thing on WG ? SMOLENSK DID NOT GOT A NERF – STILL

  15. 4:40 lol that was one of MecaWOWS’s videos

  16. stefanos perivolaris

    4:03 insert generals lee horn by dukes

  17. 4:01 ( °Д°)!?

  18. Damn. The new submarine in the starter clip looks beast.

  19. Was not expecting a battleship becoming a submarine or see a cruiser become a plane

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