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Welcome to the WOWS SHOW! We present to you the brand new video series from the creators of “Sea Smackdown”! Upload your replay on, and get a chance to get into the series and earn some rewards. You can find more information on our portal!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy the first episode of new series? What do you think?
    Let us know!:)
    Upload your replays on and get a chance to be featured in the series and earn some rewards. You can find more information on our portal!

  2. A WOWS montage by the team themselves.

    Though the torpbeat in 2:11 really deserves Eurobeat music.

  3. Ok. That’s good. I like it. gj

  4. While this video is epic,  what really made Smackdown what it was, in my opinion,  was the super cool commentary 🙂


  6. the haragumo on 2:30 puts smile on my face

  7. Friend: Who is your favourite WoWs youtuber?
    Me: World of Warships official channel.

  8. Please make more of these! This was hilarious and entertaining. Especially love the Harugumo bit. Loved it!

  9. Well done! 9/10 (I never hand out 10/10s)!

  10. The Scourge of God

    I need intense radiation therapy after watching the Harugumo clip

  11. This video is absolutely amazing and hilarious at the same time XDD Keep it up!!!

  12. I thought i clicked on thundershow…

  13. wait,
    was that a motherfucking jojo reference?

  14. damn the last clip was awesome

    IGN : RZentoYamato
    Server : ASIA

  15. 4:35 The U.S.S. Montana is a mountain….and she will not be swayed or moved by any force that walks this earth.

  16. I loved this, WOWS is getting more and more popular great work Devs!

  17. Footage of the game when it is fun….i.e. with zero carriers.

  18. Granted, CVs were just reworked, but I find the lack of air power in this video appalling. GOOD DAY!!!

    good video though

  19. Martinus Angrianto

    Eurobeat want to know YOUR LOCATION!!!

  20. M10 wolverine Defender 56734

    Is this like RNG in WoT
    but with battleships
    And torpedoes and like a funny moments video

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