WoWS Show. World of Warships Funny Moments #12. Miracle on Saint-Louis

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  1. You can always count on the Mighty Fairy Overlord Jingles from the Pixie Dust Mines to protect you from utter demise

  2. that jingles fairy…. priceless xD

  3. @2:02 omg that was so awesome 😂😂

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    Let’s play a game in the comments!
    Come up with a funny title for any section from new WoWS Show episode:)

  5. Huuum 777 doubloons, i like this ^^

  6. Việt Trung Nguyễn

    3:07 La Fantasque and Furious: Naval Drift.

  7. 1:26:

    Shimakaze: Aight Ima save ur life, Stalingrad-san.
    Stalingrad: Vat- CyKa bLyAt-!
    Me: Excuse me what the FU-!

  8. Very nice, especially the Audio/Music : ))
    loco loco ^^

  9. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    1:24 When you try to teamkill with torps, but miss the target. 😛

  10. 1:15 deserves a special perma skin with sirens on it lookin like a police vehicle. C:

  11. The Jingles Fairy is great!

  12. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    This is called RNG Bullshit, and yeah i got it too a lot lol

  13. enemy : haha! that saint louis only have 5 HP left! it will be an ez kill today

    fairy jingles who flying around st. louis : allow me to introduce myself. also N O

  14. Suspiciously familiar looking faces 🤔

  15. World of Warships – ❌
    World of Torpedoes – ✔️

  16. FRENCH BIAS CONFIRMED plz nerf Saint Louis!!!

  17. Can you make fairy Jingles an in game captain please?

  18. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Seeing all those torpedo beats… I hope this year you will bring the Torpedo Beats event again.

  19. The Mighty Jingles

    Did I just see what I thought I just saw?

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