WoWS Spotlight // HMCS Haida / “Fighting Canadians”

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LittleWhiteMouse… now where do I know that name from…?


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. As a little side-note, this is technically not the first replay of LWM’s I’ve recorded and uploaded; back in 2019 I made an unlisted video of a monster co-op round round she’d had, which I thought I’d stick in here for fun!

  2. Solo-Mousier :3

  3. Thank you for featuring this derpy little match, PHJ! ♥ To explain my (mostly non-existent) thought process throughout:

    Intro through A-Cap: My only goal was to secure the cap and molest whatever enemy destroyer that came sniffing there. That mission was accomplished. I didn’t like that I had to blow smoke but given the CV attention and some rather impressive blind firing from the Reds, it was worthwhile.

    Bayern & B-Cap: I see the Bayern coming down the side of the island there and I’m hoping to be able to ambush it at point blank range. I even go so far as to play with my throttle to give it a little more time to get closer. But sadly, he was smart and turned away. Haida’s fire chance is TERRIBLE; some of the worst at her tier (her HE shells do more damage but her fire chance sucks). While I was hoping for a fire, my real purpose was just to get her Bayern low enough that my CVs could finish her. Haida is notoriously bad at fighting big ships. With him gone, I snuck into B. I wanted to torp that Vladivostok but with the island it was hugging, that was going to be difficult. So instead, I decided to play point guard for A & B cap.

    Point Guard: I was hoping to get some fish into whatever was coming south towards B, but the Nachi turned just as my fish go out. So instead I blow smoke and try and bluff the Nachi away. People don’t like angry, HE spamming smoke clouds after all. But I’m VERY aware that the Nachi could just charge me and run me down, so that’s why I keep my throttles open. When I see the Nachi turning away, I know I just need to worry about the Vlad in B.

    My smoke obviously gave me away as I tried to hold B. It was a vain hope that the Vlad would be unaware that it was sharing a cap with a lolibote. He played smart and didn’t give me any good torp angles. I’m honestly surprised that the Shokaku didn’t vector some planes onto me to help him out. Anyway, when he left, I evaluated my options.

    Leaving my team mates to die: So, there’s a very good reason why I didn’t head south to help my allies. I was behind the Reds. Stern-chasing enemies is a loser-move most of the time and doubly so in a destroyer like Haida which has (relatively) short-ranged torpedoes and guns that can’t start fires to save anyone’s life. With the game almost over, I’m just hoping we have enough points to win. It’s worth noting that as I head to C, I hug the south-side because I’m CONVINCED the Nachi is going to show up (that’s where I would have gone). I’m delighted to see they’re all of the way over at A.

    After that, it’s Just Dodging™ CV attacks to victory. It’s worth noting that had this been the old-style rockets without the machine-gun lead, I would have stood little to no chance.

    Thanks again, PHJ!

    PS: That’s my third Solo Warrrior. My first was earned by solo-capping a base in Standard Battle with a Fujin (the Reds didn’t come back to interrupt me — I’m pretty sure they were all too new to realize it). My second Solo Warrior was in Indomitable back during the CV rework. Yeah… that one feels dirty to me too.

  4. What could two Canadians possibly fight aboot?


  5. They had enough points at the points when the points mattered
    If you get my point


  6. Great video as always PHJ

  7. Hi Sam 😎

  8. Points make prizes!

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