Wows Supercontainer Opening World of Warships 6th Anniversary Event

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World of Warships 6th Anniversary Event Opening 53 Wows Supercontainers. How to get and open supercontainers chances of great premium ship rewards and other resources like steel, coal etc.

0:00 Intro how to get your supercontainers
0:42 Supercontainer opening
16:00 Final Supercontainer

How to get and open supercontainers. Besides these special events like anniversary events and special christmas events which offer a supercontainer for the first victory or earn a minimum of 300base experience on each tier 10 ship or removing the snowflake or anniversary token. Each daily container has a chance to become a Super Container when manually collected. The Try Your Luck option is twice as likely to produce a Super Container. Super Containers hold much more valuable rewards than standard containers. Every collected daily container has a small chance roughly about 1.5% to become a Super Container. Super Containers are occasionally awarded directly. Possible supercontainer rewards include a chance to get the following:

100x standard signals;
25x, 50x, or 100x special signals;
50x camouflages;
50,000 or 100,000 Free XP Free XP;
1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 Doubloons Doubloons;
15,000 Coal Coal;
1,500 Steel Steel;
7, 14, or 30 days Premium account Premium time;
A premium ship, with a 10 point commander and a port slot,

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  1. hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features the opening of all of my supercontainers for tier 10 ships. All you have to do is earn a win or 300 base experience on every tier 10 ship
    to remove the anniversary token and earn a supercontainer for the duration of the event, I hope you all have some good fortune with yours and enjoy the opening.

  2. Simanta Madhav Bora

    wish i got a ship sometime from SCs too..the last one i opened, i got the most useless drop possible – 100 AA flags 😭😭

  3. John Moses Browning

    I got more dubs and premium time than anything no ships or steel for me.

  4. I only have 3 T10’s but I managed to get P.E. Friedrich

  5. In 16 sup cont i got a marbelhead 1500 steel 15000 coal and flags and camos, steek is the best you can get .

  6. And i forgot to mention 3000 dubloons.

  7. And 7 days premium time.

  8. Next i want lotto winning numbers

  9. Kay Jay munchie Northern Ireland

    i’ve never gotten steel in any containers im the unlucky end of the irish pot

  10. I picked up the USS Hill in one of my containers. a
    After that it was mostly a mix of camos & premium time

  11. I only have 7 T10’s, got 1 SC with 7 days premium, 2 SC’s with 1k dubs and the rest were camo’s or flags. Free stuff so I’m happy.

  12. Hey Carbine at the end when the screen with the test ships were up I noticed the Rochester no longer has the clock symbol with the countdown days, does that maybe mean we are getting close to her release?

  13. Out of 16 SC I got lots of camo’s and signals, WOW, a really gr8 Birthday event, glad to see WG’s leant their lesson – ROFL.

  14. So far, i’ve never gotten any ship from super containers in my 4 years of WoWs. I haven’t player since the start of this event because of a longer lasting business trip. Cant wait to get home to try my luck 🙂

    Gratulations to your De Grasse and loads of Dubs

  15. I got no dubs from my SC drops 🙁

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