WoWS Supporter Spotlight // Zieten / “It never gets any prettier”

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  1. Nicely played while your own ship fought back 😀

  2. Wait, the Kraken is 5 in the PC version as well? In the obviously-not-peasant-version-honest, it is also 5.

  3. Steve Blackmore

    Zieten 💩

  4. Nearly 3k XP – well played!

  5. Gawds, just looking at that thing makes me sea sick.

  6. I actually liked the Zieten and even kept mine after getting the tier 9. I found in some situations it was really survivable. This wasn’t even the best damage game I had in the Zieten, just one of the more dramatic kill wise.

  7. Fully agree re: CVs and subs. They are both unbalanced, but I can live with CVs. Subs should just go.

  8. YES!!
    I’ve been missing these

  9. Thanks Jedi 🙂

  10. Thomas Bernecky

    Jedi, you play the Zieten for its good looks and fine AA, not it’s game play?

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