WOWs – The Agony of… | World of Warships

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Thanks to everyone who helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. would be cool if you could do a video that explains a litle WOWs. I just dont know what Im watching. Just here for some Clause. Cheers

  2. CK bringing the salt to world of warships

  3. I do ambushes in DD’s all the time by hiding behind an island then waiting until they get closer before running out at full speed on a torpedo run. I took out six ships one time zigzagging between them with guns, torpedo’s and smoke.

  4. 0:24 20 min limit in right up corner watch it out. 🙂

  5. Sorry Claus old buddy, I’m not into WOW at all, good luck out in the ocean blue.
    I’ll be back in the WOT gameplay.

  6. I used to love this game. I’ve been playing since BETA but I really struggle to play it now. 2/3 games and I leave.

  7. No Claus you wasted your beginning by going the other way from the enemy.
    Floating tanks too complicated?

  8. #ClauseKellerman is youtube just getting scraps of videos since you joined twitch…?

  9. You could not see him because smoke works both ways – they can’t see you, you can’t see them. You were radared, which sees through smoke. He was not.

    • He wasn’t radared, they were blind-firing into the smoke. And why is the Klaus so surprised? He does it himself in WoT all the time.

  10. Ah, Claus is free to warship as he pleases.

  11. claus, it’s fine to use an island for cover when you need too. but every fu–king body hides behind them dd’s, cruisers and even the bb’s hide behind islands. played a game yesterday and the captain of the big badass Yamy bb stayed behind an island the entire game , shooting at long range and doing little damage. this game is really sucking .

  12. I think I would enjoy painting the outside of my house with a small paintbrush than to play World of Warships.??

  13. For-to-say … more Twitch ‘highlights’? Has 4 weeks passed already? Well no-homo my best French baby-bag! Typically I would only view until the first Twitch alert or 15 seconds, whichever is the sooner, ‘Twitch highlights’ being a textbook example of ‘oxymoron’.

    However it was an entertaining game and best of all its NOT WoT, (hooray) so thanks for this one. I even still play WoWs a bit where the p2w along with Russian bias are a bit less obvious and (best of all) no GOLD spamming **#**#s! WoWs requires a good deal more patience that WoT resulting in fewer neanderthals although still plenty of ‘Muppets’ ! No doubt Professor von Schnitzelburg would advocate a step-back or two.

    Incidentally, the WoWs CashContributors either suck or else suck up to Wargaming. Perhaps you could fill the void in the no BS Dept.

  14. Da da this World of Warships don’t worry we fix all game with new tier 8 Russia premium da da blyat da

  15. People say World of Tanks is slow but Warships game play makes tanks look like the Indy 500.

  16. Wait, where are them wheelies?

  17. Oh my god, at least contest the cap if you are going to smoke up right before it to shoot 1 bb.

    And Claus, Minsk player didnt do anything wrong at the start. He is bottom tier in a DD that has like 7km detection range. You wanted him to push and scout for you lol.

    • @Shakuraz the Dark One Uh, minsk has a concealment of 7.5. He is tier 7 in a tier 9 game. His torps are 4km. You think he should go and blindly rush into a cap against the likes of fletchers and kitakazes and yugumos ? When bottom tier you play defensively.

      Claus was in an akizuki with 6.1 concealment, yet he didnt bother going in, just blamed the poor minsk guy for trying to survive and wasted time going around the island himself when a cruiser pushed into the cap solo. Are you a BB or a CV player that always blames dds for losing ? Lol

    • Shakuraz the Dark One


      If your playstyle is hiding behind an isle, you should play US-CLs and not DD.
      A DD is most likely the eye of the team, even if its concealment is not the best.
      What he wanted to do behind that isle?
      Killing enemy BBs with his impressive HE-Alpha?
      Mates of me play the Minsk, aspecially as AA-supporter, but none of them is going to camp, cause they are bottom tier.
      You wont believe it, but i were bottom tier with several ships as well…..and some of them are glasscanons and probably get blown up by the first BB salvo, like Königsberg or Nürnberg.

    • Shakuraz the Dark One

      Best thing: the Zara was going in, while Minsk was waiting for better days….

    • @Shakuraz the Dark One maybe minsk even held back to let akizuki go ahead and spot, that would make sense. Claus doesnt k ow that there is a battle timer at the top right, you think he knows abount concealment and strategy of each ship ? We wont know what was going through minsk player’s head, but what he did was not a sacrilege given his MM.

    • Shakuraz the Dark One


      Yeah….its a common thing to stay behind isles and wait.
      Its like the BBs who stay in the middle of the seas and drive backwards since the match began….tower-defense for the not so brave guys.
      All in all the Zara did what i never would do: she goes in without a spotter and get the result just seconds later.
      If the DDs wont spot, i change my position to somewhere else.
      No sight, no fight!

  18. Yeah, that Minsk was probably a Muppet …

    … but then again, so were you.

    Keep playing, you will get it, just be nice to people till then.

  19. Hello everyone! I am busy working on episode 54! Yes. The biggest…. you know…. for tomorrow!

  20. I miss the old Claus back in the WoWS infancy and his insane laugh when he torped some muppet.

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