WoWS: The HMS Minotaur (Preview & Match)

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Match start: 12:56
My first impressions of the new British light cruiser Minotaur. I talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the ship and show a match with her towards the 2nd half of the video.
We got the ship on very short notice so I didnR;t get to play it that much, but she seems at least fairly , she might end up being very strong but it’s hard to tell.

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World of Warships footage of the tier 10 light cruiser Minotaur on the map Trap in a Random Battle.


  1. Good job, big fan!

  2. with armor that weak, how about equip 1st module slot with magazine
    modification 1?

  3. Wich mod is that ? The one that shows angle on the enemy ship ?

  4. Personally, I was never bothered by any crackling and wouldn’t have noticed
    it without someone else pointing it out. I say don’t worry too much about
    it! :)

  5. aslain mod pack have that relative angle mod

  6. Bruce Wayne is Deadpool

    The crackling is bearable don’t worry Aerroon

  7. Mental Dave (Divad)

    I never hear any crackling, all your videos sound fine.

  8. 4 salvos in the air at once!

  9. MucH0413 From YouTube

    what was that circle that popt up when you was capping?

  10. Crazy game. No crackle heard.

  11. Amagi wants you to tank for him.

  12. We’ve lost this match so clearly( I was the Zao) but I’ve enjoyed it
    anyway. No Wonder that it will be uploadet xD…
    The Minotaur is a very interesting ship, brings something new in the Game.
    Still hope that the Cruiser tiers are divided into light and heavy
    cruisers. Also looks like this

  13. Minotaur looks good …Crackling have I gone deaf … meh :/ I cant hear no

  14. 22:53 Aerroon you are the one who destroyed one of Khabarovsk torpedo
    launchers lol ,in 19:04

  15. I can’t hear any crackling to start with. I think you need to check your

  16. How could you get it so fast?

  17. This ship on a full AA build.

    To op pls nerf.

  18. Amazing ship :DDD gonna shop it at 7:30 AM tomorrow

  19. videos are perfect, cant wait to get a shot of these cruisers they look a
    lot of fun

  20. Andrew Summerfiekd

    funny when the english ship comes out u rate that lol

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