WoWS: The Mighty Scharnhorst

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First look at the mighty . It’s a “light ” at tier 7 that is well armored, but has low caliber guns. This makes her a good hunter but rather awkward against battleships. She’s maneuverable and fast, and I think that she’s a fine ship. It’s just that she’s tier 7.

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World of Warships footage of the tier 7 Scharnhorst on the map Estuary in a Random Battle.


  1. Wow RNG trolled you so hard with those last two salvo’s. Only one or two
    hits each from nine shells at only 6km or so. Bad luck great result I can’t
    wait for this ship :).

  2. Suggestion……please properly plan out your video. KNOW gun calibers,
    armor…..and stats BEFORE making a video.

  3. she was heavier than both colorado and nagato…scharnhorsts are more
    frequently referred as fast battleships

  4. Battlecruiser :P

  5. View of Scharnhorst’s deck – shows aerial view of a convertible

  6. this ship looks shit. you dont have guns big enough to pen battleships of
    the same tier AND at the same time you STILL overpen cruisers even though
    your guns are so small that it makes even less logical sense that it does

    you don’t have the reload time to spam HE to counteract this, not to
    mention the dispersion is shit as it is with almost every battleship even
    with this low caliber and german optics that were known for being good
    (because, you know, fuck battleships right?)

    maybe this game will become less insufferable in BBs when WG realises that
    there are plenty of thing cruisers can do to avoid being wiped away by BBs
    and make it so that playing cruisers isnt such a cakewalk

  7. Is the ship now buy able?

  8. “HP she has isn’t very high for a Tier VII [battleship].”

    *Colorado gnashes teeth*

  9. time to preprare a secondary build for this!

  10. Scharnhorst was more like a battlecruiser

  11. Alexander Schöneberg

    32.100 tons are hardly a “light battleship” and a quick search would tell
    you that Scharnhorst was actually planned to have 38cm Guns and the 28cm
    where just a in between solution.

  12. You Lucky You didn’t got fucked there! Learn BB play 🙂 nothing or the less
    Aerroon but learn BBs

  13. have you just broken the NDA for these ships ? if you have you done deserve
    to be a WG contributer

  14. Im guessing you gonna see alot of these in next ranked season then.

  15. I agree. Why are tier 7 ships so bad? Only good one I can think of are
    Myoko and maybe the Kiev.

  16. Eternally Angelic

    If this is how German BB’s are going to be (except the tier 8-10 which seem
    to be those blueprint mega BB’s), sounds like the early tiers and up to the
    Scharnhorst is primarily an anti DD/Cruiser Battleship. Which actually
    makes sense to have that polar opposite of the usual. It reflects the
    German Cruisers, since the German Cruisers are primarily Anti BB with their
    ridiculous penetration and damage against Battleships with their AP. It
    fits the style of polar opposite from the norm.

  17. Don’t u know about the no exposure policy wg Europe told u about before
    giving u the German battleship???

  18. Just a quick question — as I assume you are a part of the EU server — how
    did you get to review when WG has a non-disclosure for eu testors until the
    specific date ???

    NM — just realised it’s a premium

  19. pay to win?

  20. scharnhorst is a battle cruiser. the entire class was meant to havr bigger
    guns later when they could be supplied, and be the little balltlecruisers
    of a greater “Z” plan for later, which never happened of course. I love the
    maneuverability but don’t mistake it with a Bismarck lol

  21. *light battleship* aka as pocketbattleships if i dont mess up something

  22. This ship is AMAZING. Has the armor and HP to stand up against BB’s with
    higher caliber guns. Has the range and shell velocity to obliterate
    cruisers. It’s guns reload fast enough to harass angled BB’s with HE, and
    agility and speed to match. A TRUE heavy battle cruiser that will make
    cruisers extremely nervous.

  23. Aerroon which ship would you choose for most fun for the price: Tirpitz or

  24. Coenraad Noorloos

    Very nice, thanks for the video. The ship looks nice but i am disappointed
    they added those AA mounts on the turrets.

  25. The Germans did classified the scharnhorst class as light battleships.

  26. You did better in your showmatch than Flamu, even he did more dmg, but nice
    one Aerrron, nice game

  27. Is the scharnhorst already available? I can’t buy her on the shop

  28. This ship is a beast! Guns not so strong but still.

  29. At the end there you should open more broadside so your secondaries can
    kill that cruiser. The cruiser was already low health.

  30. ohhhhh shit Jingles just made a rant of people saying “fuck you” to the

  31. GermanMilitaryPower

    Scharnhorst is one of the few ships worth to be admired with the
    longest-range naval gunfire hit in history of naval warfare.
    Its reputation is enormous and it will definately be a massive success for

    Thx a lot for the vid Aerroon, you never dissapoint!

  32. Good video! Glad to see someone using secondary build. But you should use
    the secondary module as well for 7.2km range. Because the secondaries are
    all HE, you will definitely set someone on fire all the time. And that is
    very helpfull especially when you torp him afterwards, then he cannot stop
    the flooding. ^^

  33. Sven van den Hurk

    can you play with the Lexington a match, i am really liking this ship

  34. 11″ guns at Tier VII pretty much Scharnhorst is a big cruiser with
    torpedoes & no defensive AA consumable. At least the armor is strong enough
    to brush off Nagato & Colorado shells if angled.

  35. well I did a toal secondary built for the Tirpitz and it is hillarious 🙂
    Facefisting cruisers and hunting destroyers for the lolz, but the Tirpitz
    misses a bit maneuverability and rate of fire.
    I guess with the Scharnhorst I will have a good alternative.
    Playing by the rules and trying to win is not what I want to do in EVERY
    battle and sometimes I need a battle for the lolz ^^

  36. Maybe have a rolling banner at the outro/end of the videos with the names
    of your patreons?

  37. SCHARNHORST!!!! D::::::::

  38. Great brawling showcase! And I’ve never seen so much cruiser broadside . .
    even the Molotov was getting in on that sweet, sweet linear sailing. ;)

  39. So basically a battle cruiser.

  40. many document call her “pocket battleship”

  41. Great Vid Aerron. I was thinking about buying the Scharnhorst just as a
    cruiser killer because I think she looks amazing at that. Watching you gave
    some real pointers to how to use her. Although the fire chance is not great
    don`t you kinda have to use HE when facing BB:s that knows how to angle?
    I`m thinking of her as a large Myoko maybe. HE when enemies are angled to
    piss them off and when they get sick of you and shows broadside quickly
    switch and punish with AP, play the Scharnhorst like a heavy cruiser at
    Tier VII with a lot of heals.

  42. I thought that no one supposed to show geman battleships yet ?

  43. Size doesn’t matter right? Girls? Oh, it does? Poor Scharnhorst.

  44. Thanks for the shout out.
    Looks promising for the german BB line for players like me, who hate the
    sluggish slow firing BB’s and fragile nature of most cruisers. If there is
    no info on prices then, it’s hard to discuss if she is worth it :-)

  45. She looks nice, even tho her guns are a smaller caliber, however she was
    originally a battlecruiser, so low armor, but high speed, hit and run
    tactics. Thanks to yet another great video Aerroon :)

  46. What a match

  47. Do you know how much money I must spend for this pretty ship? :D

  48. NDA lifted? Tier 7 – Myoko and Nagato are pretty nice

    You seem rather annoyed with the ship :p

  49. 69 views

  50. what happend to NDA? remember this isnt WGNA


  52. great video, keep up the nice work :D

  53. The Scharnhorst has 20sec reload

  54. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I just found a bit of audio with the crackling. I
    hadn’t noticed this before and I have no idea how to fix this or even what
    causes this.

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