WoWS Viewer Replay // HMS Thunderer / “Wait, that’s illegal”

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In which MiNameIsJager takes to a ranked battle to show us that the Thunderer does in fact have more than one kind of ammo. It’s a strange concept, I know!


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  1. Always nice to see a British BB player whose 2 key doesn’t seem to be broken.

  2. what pissed me off regarding this ship is you buy it with real world money then wg nerf it after they said they would never nerf premium ships as you buy it with c ash so wg lied yet again

    • Not sure how in game coal is “real money”. Ship needed to be balanced so you know need to take the range mod to be effective instead of reload. Still an absolute beast, just slightly less ridiculous.

    • Just out of curiosity: where did they say they’d never nerf premium ships? I know that, historically, they would remove OP ships from the premium shop rather than rebalance them; but did they ever make an official statement to this effect?

  3. ah, the dulcet tones of the pointy haired one… splendid!

  4. Hey PHJ, the Marceau can indeed stealth torp if you build her for conceal. 7,5 she gets down to while the torp range is 9

    • However it also had two of it’s sets torpedo tubes permanently destroyed earlier by Thunderer HE. I know it still had some left, but not all.

  5. Thunderer? That ship should be named the Incinerator? AmIRite?

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