WoWS Viewer Replay // Prinz Heinrich / “Pushy Prussian Princes Provoke Painful Pokings”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Zieten is awful – dispersion is dire..

  2. SAM!

  3. Thanks for the vid – I only hope that the first take was as good as the final one!

  4. Glad I have such an improved uptier waiting for me at tier 8. 😀
    And I did the same thing in my last KitMaker video. Forgot to turn the mic on.

  5. Fine play, Armorama. Thanks Jedi.

  6. The J in portuguese sounds like the soft G just like in english, the H sounding J is a spanish thing. Also when you see a vowel with an acute accent like for instance “á”, that marks the stressed syllable (much like the circonflexes accent “â”… Yeah, that one, but there are slight differences in pronunciation). So your second try in pronouncing “Juruá” was almost correct, you just had to stress the “á” over the “Juru”. Oh, and don’t go calling it something like the “Juru-ay” or I’ll write you a sternly worded comment. 🙂

  7. Good video Jedi,
    I enjoyed it quite a bit Thanks 🙂

  8. Yo Sammie XD

  9. I like the way you show the ship cruising around at the end of the video while giving your final comments.

    It’s a great way to end the video imho, makes it feel “complete”

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