WoWS: Z-52 Preview

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: 11:34
is the new . It has for its main gimmick and all in all it is a slightly weaker US-style destroyer. She’s fairly good at most things, but just not as good as any of the other lines at their tasks.

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World of Warships footage of the new tier 10 German destroyer Z-52 in port and on the map Tears of the Desert.


  1. I think you are Flamu for a brief second xD

  2. hi aerroon , new sub. sorry not dont it before, been watching your vids for
    a while now, nice work thankyou.
    i have a question for you and the community here, what in your opinion is
    the ship with the worst dispersion? for me i think so far the gneisenau.
    only 6 main battery guns and they are terrible, i have been 5km away from a
    broadside, stationary target(afk player i think) and missed all shots in 3
    salvos , 4th salvo 1 hit. eventually i just torped him cos got annoyed with
    guns .

  3. So it has speed and hydro…wtf should be only 2 perks, if not give me
    smoke, speed and AA on my fletcher.

  4. That ship is fucking gorgeous

  5. Pretty fast torpedo reload.. it feels faster than the other tier x dd’s,
    dunno if actually true but it feels that way. Perhaps it was only the
    action in between torps but to me it looked fast.

  6. Hey Aerroon!
    I would very much appreciate it if you made a Video about the Admiral Graf
    I consider buying her and would like to hear your opinion.

  7. In this replay: the average Atago/Takao captain.

  8. Aerroon, good job as usual. Like the other comments your “Hello hello”
    jumped out at me. 🙂 Shows how we all become accustomed to these little
    habits and rituals.

    Surprised you didn’t report the TK creeper. They certainly deserved a
    “plays badly” report if nothing else. :/ Wasn’t their ARP ship a reward for
    a recent mission series?

  9. Khaba send kisses to z-52 eheheh

  10. that Atago either needs banning or a lobotomy

  11. That Graf Spee though

  12. Not in Estonian, I give this a 7/10

  13. I am really excited for the German dds

  14. It’s always some twat in an Atago, some guy who usually plays between Tier
    1-5 and has no clue. I can’t count the amount of times it’s happened to me
    in my DDs.

  15. No medium raw this time. Aww. :D

  16. Well, this puts the final nail to the coffin to IJN destroyers now.

    Having better torps, good guns, and hydro, it totally counters IJN DDs very
    hard. No point getting the Shimakaze now.

  17. Aerroon don’t you know that if an friendly Atago is at your back you will
    be torpedoed, I learned it the hard way as you

  18. Acceleration Module is amazing for any DD with 4 second or lower stock
    rudder shift, and same goes for any Cruiser with about 8 seconds or less,
    preferably 7.5 or less. That said it matters FAR more on ships like the
    Belfast or Kutuzov, where getting into and out of smoke really matters.
    But seeing as the German DDS have such short smoke times, and seemingly
    long rudder shift, as it is only 3.8 seconds WITH the rudder shift module,
    so it is probably over 4.5 seconds stock – I probably would use rudder
    shift over acceleration on this ship as well.

    But for say, the Sims and Leningrad – acceleration module ALL THE WAY! As
    both ships have really fast stock rudder shifts, and the Leningrad’s top
    speed is insane, BUT without the Acceleration Module, it is actually a bit
    sluggish to get up to speed. Same goes for really EVERY USN DD!

    Then there is the Blyskawica – with a relatively LONG rudder shift of 5.6
    seconds IIRC – the Rudder Shift Module is definitely the better choice! And
    from what I remeber, most Russian DDs have similarly long rudder shift
    times stock as well. Leningrad is a MAJOR exception in most things
    regarding Russian DDs, same with Gremyaschy, which I don’t own but REALLY
    wish I did buy when I still could.. But hey, Leningrad is basically a
    better Gremyaschy in every way sitting at the best possible tier for money
    making. The only thing worse on the Leningrad than on the Gremyaschy is the
    detection, 6.8 for Gremyaschy, 7.3 for Leningrad.

  19. 14:26 Wow, that HE is quite weak per shell! Though Hydro on a DD makes up
    for it in many ways.

  20. a destroyer that has hydro and able to mess those vapor smokers out of
    their smoke huts I’m sold.

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