WTF is going on here Cavour – World of Warships

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I don’t even know what to say about this match. You will see a lot of questionable stuff and you be the judge.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Is it just me or is Italian AP actually very solid? I’ve been using solely AP on the T7 and T8 to catch broadsides instead of flinging SAP at angles and it’s working very well.

  2. That’s a prime game of throws candidate

  3. Always enjoy watching you and trenlass videos. After 2 strokes i still play however the shakes make it a lot harder than it used to be thou i did have to take a 3 year break while i recovered. anyways have fun Flambass. regards Werewulfsco.

  4. Entertaining as always.

  5. Dont get me wrong. watch all your vids, but how fun would it not be if you ate like 3-4 torps while not paying attention..

  6. mid tier seal clubbing at its near finest, especially that 2nd kill on Koenig

  7. This a great candidate for Jingles game of throws series.

  8. How the Catch-A-Lot managed to not hit you…

  9. Everyone in Twitch chat ragging on wtf Bayern was doing, meanwhile I’m sat here wondering what the Renown was thinking, if anything :/

  10. Lol the moment that I saw Cavour in the title I knew it would be suffering.
    Edit: that Clown in the Renown…😂😂😂

  11. Incredible. That Renown really tried to win harder.

  12. I’m a bad (at best average) player, but i feel Cavour is a seriously underrated ship. easily my best performer at the tier. also has my two highest kill games at 7 (excluding games with bots)

    • I’m not even an average player, but Cavour is fun. Mind you, I also enjoy the next one on the Italian tree which has a secondary captain… I might just like SAP. 🤷‍♂️

  13. JJ Stuart on Writing

    Your Renown battleship kept sailing south for the longest time, even as you were being capped and nearly lost you the game

  14. Sometimes I see people play very poorly, and I’m surprised to see they have a 52% WR or something similar.
    Now I understand: they were checking discord.

  15. That Renown maneuver is one I see often. I always wonder how such players survive to nearly the end of the match with most of their health.

  16. This might belong on the Old Man’s Game of Throws series.

  17. 16:27 “He could easily get citadell’ed and die …” “here”
    best line eva 🤣

  18. Love watching as torps from a sub turn 90 degrees with me not being able to do anything about it.

  19. 785 DMG on opening salvo, I think the only thing worse is 0 that I’ve seen. Totally got screwed by RNG there

  20. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    2:10 welcome to Italian BB dispersion, my friend. Awesome guns, but seriously let down by dispersion & range.

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