WTF is that RNG funny World of Warships moments – Episode 36

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Another World of Warships episode of funny moments and fails to make your sunday feel better.

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. I love how all of the top CCs are incredibly toxic about WOWS and Wargaming. This awkward love/hate relationship is honestly one of the best parts of WOWS. 😂

    • It’s called Stockholm Syndrome and I’m also subject of it. I guess it is because the basic gameplay loop is so good, but it is showered with bullshit MM and RNG.

    • #makeGermanDestroyersAndBattleshipsGreatAgain

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Yeah, like that will ever happen in a game by a Belarussian company. Better make it #MAKESOVIETSHIPSASCRAPASINREALLIFE

    • @Stefan Pajung lol
      I don’t want any ships to be bad
      I want all ships to be competitive, and the Germans while being quite competitive, they should also be the most fun

    • @Stefan Pajung and that’s why this game won’t die. The playerbase is full of gluesniffers with 5000 games and somehow still less than 50% win rate

  2. You should buy a new mouse mate…

    And a cable one. They are better

  3. I came here for my Sunday morning kwaken.
    I had a Pulvérisé instead. I will gladly take it.

  4. 7:50 uhm, that’s 2 pens actually and one hit the turret

  5. Gearing: Get down Mr. President!

  6. I don’t know why I love watching WoWs troll Flambass sooooo much!!!😁😁😁

  7. I love your laugh. Is this love?

  8. Wet Palette Warrior

    Just fired three salvos from the Oklahoma, every round fell around the enemy BB.

    • Adalberto Gutiérrez

      2 full salvos from kansas, to a broadside almost stationary massa and 1 ovepern on the superstructure only haha at 12km all the other shells too low or to high

    • Same, I gave up playing today because it was just so absolutely random. Used both NC and Alabama, heck was even having issues in cruisers just having abysmal RNG.

  9. Oy! Scam! Where is my “Quacken”-Ending! xD

  10. Back in the day when they introduced the recommendation program (or whatever it was called), I actually considered recommending the game to my neighbors I don’t like, but as I said on the official forums, in the end I didn’t do it, since it could be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”

  11. Yamato doing torpedobeats: “They see me dodgin’… They hatin’…”

  12. Maaan, i was TOTALLY cheerin on the parsival carrier 😛

  13. the Image of that Last Bolt hanging on… RTFOL

  14. “At least I got the carrier”…..said taht more than once….and yes, I mean it every time I do. Always enough to leave a smile on my face heading back to Port.

  15. If I am seeing right, you have a wireless mouse, they suck for lag.

  16. That finish me lmao ( that way you say this is so funny for a french <3 keep going <3 )

  17. 10:55 Good manners lul
    Gearing : **explode**
    Flambass : “such elegance !”

  18. That shot bug happened on many ships including my job when I need dev strike someone. Good work WG.

  19. That outro clip tho.. Made my day 😀

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