X Des Moines – 8 KILLS 329K DMG – World of Warships

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  1. Torpedo went right through him

  2. 3:28 torp and nothing ??? and that battleship get one after you???

  3. We need an explanation for the torp at 3:28 that didn’t detonate under the him but hits the BB behind !!

  4. it is asashio torps that can hit only BBs and CVs, ultra deep torps

  5. I Call HACKS on 3:28

  6. Not going to lie
    Got a little chub at 10:11

  7. At the start when he had 4 ships (Montana, Richeleu, Henry and Jean B) aiming at him when he was turning and showing them his full broadside and ALL missed the shots, right there I knew that he knew that he was facing some real noobs, so he just went for it. I m never on this side of the fence. I’m always on that team, I always get shitty MMs. He did a very good job, tho.

  8. Patrick Hindenburg

    We need an explanation of why he didn’t use ap he would have gotten more kills

  9. that torp dodge tho :))))

  10. 3:30 why didnt hit u? luck?

  11. 4:09 – 4:23 radar bro… use it.

  12. So many in the comment section wondering, why he didn’t got hit by Ashasio torps (@3:28)… It’s really painful to read. :/

  13. At 5:05 – 5:20, that barely hearable music part, what’s the name of it’s soundtrack, anyone knows tell me please 🙁

  14. tu eres un cheto te an pasado los torpedos por debajo y no as estallado y lo sacas aun ja

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