X Halland – 306K – 2 Dev. Strikes – World of Warships

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Halland — European Tier X destroyer.

The largest and most powerful destroyers in the Swedish Navy. Their main advantages were their powerful AA defenses and extremely rapid-firing main battery artillery.

Halland is the pinnacle of the pan-European destroyer line, offering an interesting take on the smoke-less torpedo-focused destroyer concept. It has all of the good characteristics of its lower tier predecessors, while also addressing several annoyances that essentially all the lower tier ships suffer from.

One of the main weaknesses about the pan-European destroyer line is that the torpedoes do very little damage, even though it’s a torpedo-focused line. Halland is no different in this regard, but unlike most of the other ships in the line that also have few torpedo tubes for their respective tiers, the Halland finally gets ten torpedo tubes, which is on par with most other DD’s. Additionally, it is the only ship in the entire pan-European destroyer line that has a reasonably fast turret traverse for a destroyer, which makes it much more comfortable to play.

As far as playstyle goes, Halland is not much different from the lower tier ships in the line – it’s definitely a torpedo-focused ship. Still, the guns are actually very good – they put out a lot of damage with both HE and AP, and the HE has a relatively high chance of starting fires – but the extremely limited range makes them hard to use offensively, so they’re mostly useful in defending the ship against other destroyers. As on the other ships in this line, the short gun range can sometimes be an advantage though, since it makes it very easy to get unspotted after an engagement, and it also makes it possible to use line-of-sight blockers such as smoke screens and islands in a rather unique way – it’s easy to position in a way that puts enemy ships with line-of-sight out of range and thus unable to spot.

Compared to other torpedo boats, Halland stands out as trading some damage potential for more consistent performance. The torpedoes do little damage, but their exceptional speed and narrow spread makes it easier to consistently land hits. Halland is also less sensitive to the most common things that tend to get torpedo-focused destroyers sunk – gunboat destroyers, radar, and aircraft carriers – which further helps the consistent performance. Getting chased down by a gunboat destroyer is less threatening to Halland than to many other torpedo-focused destroyers, since the strong main battery and the Repair Party (While active, restores a percentage of the ship’s health points each second.) make it very capable of holding its own in a fight against most other destroyers. Halland is also better equipped to deal with aircraft carriers than any other destroyer. Its anti-aircraft defenses are extremely strong, especially so when Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.) is used, making it very safe to play away from the team with aircraft carriers in the match. Finally, the exceptionally fast and long-ranged torpedoes offer the possibility to be effective from outside of radar range (although of course the torpedoes are easier to hit the closer one gets, as in any ship), which makes it less sensitive to the presence of radar-equipped ship.

Halland does have two main weaknesses – its low top speed and its lack of smoke. These two together make for a ship that requires very careful positioning, since it is very hard to escape a superior foe if the captain gets caught off guard. Overall though, Halland is a very well rounded ship that is easy to perform consistently in. Captains who love devastating strike achievements more than anything should look to other torpedo boats, however.

Exceptionally fast torpedoes with very long range
Access to an extra narrow torpedo spread
Relatively quick torpedo reload
Access to the Defensive AA Fire (While active, the damage per second of large caliber anti-aircraft guns is increased.) consumable, in a separate slot
Devastating AA potential, especially when paired up with another ship
A good amount of firepower in the main battery
Repair Party (While active, restores a percentage of the ship’s health points each second.) consumable is in its own slot
Decent concealment

No Smoke Generator (While active, generates a smokescreen that blocks line-of-sight for both enemies and teammates.), making it hard to disengage
Quite slow for a T10 DD
Very short main battery range
Relatively low HP pool, making it vulnerable to burst damage
Very low damage per torpedo
Large size for a tier 10 destroyer, making her an easy target


  1. enemy cv is bot?

  2. Why do DD players start shooting even though they know the torps are going to hit? It’s like they want to tell the enemy BB that “Hey, look! I’ve launched some torps your way. Turn!”

    • Tbh it annoys me

    • to get a fire to get them to burn a dc for a flood, or vice versa.

    • Yeah but the torps he launched at the Yammy was going to hit and most likely killed him.. Didn’t need to make him dama con! Once he started firing it made him turn in and the torps missed.. Other then that and not finishing the Repub, it was a very good stalking game.. The enemy had to be frustrated!!

  3. Matthias Horsman

    Those 10 torps on the gk were lovely to watch

  4. This was painful to watch. Getting spotted by running into an idle CV, launching two spreads against a ship under 5% that’s being fired upon, not finishing off a 500 hp Republique before it could repair, but then opening up on an over 50% DD while there were torps in the water… Not sure what’s best about this replay.

  5. Big comeback there. Nice sailing!

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