X Minotaur – 9 FRAGS from Russia || World of Warships

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  1. Title: Minotaur – Russia
    Me: Nani? Is the player from Russia? My brain hurts and it confuses me
    Everyone else: idc really

  2. Молодец!

  3. This montana teamate…

  4. cruz antonio prada rivas

    un video viejo vuelto a subir solo para q lo reproduzcan mas.

  5. this scrolling hurts. tell him there’s a special button. anyway good job

  6. This video proves that ANYONE can win a match in a Mino. He had terrible aim, didnt switch to HE once even when he was ricocheting, crappy torpedo aim, and didnt get bothered by CV at all until end game. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    • I haven’t played for 6 months but unless it’s changed, The Minotaur never had HE.
      Player just had lucky matchmaking, When I play against Minotaur they usually die in 2 hits from BB’s on my team, They are made of paper.
      In a good match, Unless you know what you are doing in Mino you are going to be one of the first that dies, Then have to sit there for 10 minutes watching everyone else play.

    • Hello there keyboard warrior. British Cruisers don’t have HE. Either you’re too blind to see it in the video or never played the game long enough to know that.

    • He never used his radar, AP divebombers, main battery reload booster, and never switched to the 203’s. Not once. Terrible.

    • @Rohit Shravge because I play console version because console is now master race. British cruisers stop at TIII right now on console. Kenny’s right, dude never used his radar either.

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