X Yamato – 361K DMG – World of Warships

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Yamato — Japanese Tier X battleship.

The biggest warship of World War II and the world’s largest battleship. Yamato was designed around the idea that an individual ship could have superiority over any battleship of a potential enemy. Her main guns had overwhelming firepower. The ship maintained a very high level of survivability due to reliable armor and robust torpedo protection. Yamato’s AA capabilities were highly efficient due to carrying numerous AA artillery guns.
The pinnacle of all Japanese battleship design philosophy and possibly of the entire world, Yamato gains its place as the one of the most solid battleship at her tier. She has the third largest hit points of any ship in the game at a staggering 97200 next to Großer Kurfürst’s 105800 and Kreml’s 108300 her guns have the second highest citadel hit damage of any round in the game, at 14800 HP per citadel hit. While individual AA mounts are mediocre, the sheer number of AA guns, nearly 150 25mm AA barrels (in real life, 162 25mm AA barrels in latest upgrade) and 24 127mm DP guns, provides a mild deterrent particularly against lower tier carriers. She, along with her sister ship Musashi holds the record for best torpedo protection in game, with a value of 56%, which is rather surprising considering that in real life, they both suffered from weak torpedo protection due to design flaws with the area joining the upper and lower armor belts. In game, Yamato represents the upgraded 1945 variant while Musashi depicts the original version. With a turning radius of 800m and a top speed of 27.2 kts, she is also surprisingly maneuverable despite her large size, though still quite short of her real life maneuverability. However, with a long rudder shift time and extremely slow turret traverse, one must plan all actions in advance, or risk being caught off-guard and unable to react. The guns, while having better accuracy than Conqueror, Montana and Großer Kurfürst, are very unforgiving, with a 30 second reload stock, which can be decreased to just under 27 seconds at the expense of further reducing its abysmal turret traverse by using a piece of equipment. Being one of the biggest ships in the game, Yamato is constantly targeted by Aircraft Carriers, and despite the numerous AA guns, high tier carriers can still get planes through, so it is advised to stay near ships that have solid AA suites such as cruisers for an AA “aegis” to be created. In addition, even though your armor is the most solid in the game you should still try to angle your ship as sometimes shells may have a chance to hit home and deal glaring damage. Keep in mind that her high citadel can easily be hit if the enemy manages to penetrate your armor.

Unrivaled main battery guns that can even penetrate other battleships at close range when they’re bow on.
Extremely good dispersion, but landing hits on targets beyond 18 kilometers is still challenging.
Accuracy and firing time can be improved even further with a legendary upgrade.
Third largest health pool and heaviest armor in the game.
Large quantity of secondaries can easily kill a destroyer at very close range.
Impressive torpedo damage reduction as long as torpedoes hit her torpedo belt.
Longest main battery stock range in the game.
Insane turret armor that deflects all but Tier X battleship AP shells at point blank.
Despite modest muzzle velocity, the huge shell mass means the shell travel time even at longer ranges is quite respectable.

Extremely large size (but still smaller than Izumo and Großer Kurfürst) makes direct hits more likely.
Very high notoriety and potential danger make her a priority target for the enemy team the moment she becomes visible(though this is somewhat mitigated by her decent detection radius).
Though buffed, turret traverse rate of 60 seconds for traversing 180 degrees is quite slow, decreased even further if a legendary upgrade is taken.
Long rudder shift time.
The majority of her AA defenses are short ranged, rendering her unable to shoot down planes before they drop their payloads.
Despite her citadel is well armored, but the large size and octagonal shape of the forward portion mean she is still very vulnerable to any sorts of citadel damage when improperly angled.


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    бесят такие игроки вся команда на базе кустадроты

  3. 303k damage to get first kill -that’s amazing!

  4. He uses aim assist.
    08:05, 08:35, 13:48, 14:40

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    Толку от того что набил столько урона?Для команды абсолютно бесполезно.И в итоге мало опыта, мало серебра.Да и подсасывал шотников.

  8. How do you do the top view.

  9. 16min static gameplay ….
    ok a lot of damages, but totaly uninteresting

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