XXL Cruiser Montana | 275K DMG | 6 KILLS ||World of Warships

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Player: tjerk20
Map: Haven

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  1. LastInfinityHD CaptureTheFlag

    tjerk20 haha

  2. Citadel City!

  3. Why in the world would the NC ram a lone ship when there was so many friendly firepower right there…

  4. You always have a great intro.

  5. nice when nobody shoots at you

  6. RNGesus was with him.

  7. I thought he was going to steam into that smokescreen after dodging those torpedoes , with secondaries, and main guns blazing (if main guns pointed the right way, can you point separate turrets in separate directions?) and, or ramming would’ve scared the crap out of anything in there. I’ll keep looking I bet it’s out there somewhere. ☺

  8. Perfect perfect perfect 1 number 😉 I game name: Tetikçi_09

  9. Montana replays are always so much less spectacular than Yamato or GK. Those two are often in the mid-upper 300K damage range, while the Montana is at best lower 300K damage, and more often mid-upper 200K. WG needs to fix that.

  10. Oye viejo,. lo de choque de elementos,.. para los usuarios estandar se nos hace muy dificil ganar esos 800 puntos,. creo q ese evento es para los que invierten lana,. cuenta premium y barco premium,. ademas de que es una sola semana por rraund,. muchos trabajamos,. y tenemos el tiempo limitado,.. tu ya casi lo logras?

  11. which nation has the best cruiser line ? can anyone tell me ?

  12. That part seven minutes in where Monty pushes a DD out of the cap because Edinburgh is too busy doing…stuff…nice.  Suicidal cruiser at 11 mins…also nice.  Actually, in general, so much broadside.  Also, lol at their DD throwing away Caps…

  13. Антон Обухов

    man, you play very well, you’re done ! Among these Russian a little, and the ships you’re the best!

  14. The Montana needs to be changed. The only role it fits right now is the victim role. It’s not really good at anything but underwhelming in almost all aspects.
    WG should make it a fast battleship. Give it better speed and acceleration, maybe hydro as an option, faster reload. It needs to stand out in some way to make it a viable ship again.

  15. 1:35 How can he open fire with all cannons when there are only 2 ready? The other 2 still 35º away.

  16. MRnicolasthegreen13

    panzer i have a question…the damaje indicator on right top of the screen is from a mod pack or i can google it?

  17. so I would like to know how the hell did you came by this content. That’s a game I played in, and my friend Tjerk and we didn’t give you aproval to post this in your name. How did you get the video anyway. Please explain or I’ll contact YT

  18. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    I got a battle like this only it was me and a Tirpitz along with a Lexington with No planes left agains 8 ships we won and I was at 100 Hp by the end

    I wish I recorded it to send to you

  19. Cat With Bag on Head

    “It’s slow and fat, just like a real American.” hahahaha

  20. 10:45 what the hell ist the atago doing? I never have enemys like that..

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