Yahagi / “A river of disappointment”

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Yahagi’s been on the cards for a while, but sadly it’s no more promising than the preview versions. It does however have one or two positive points, and it’s certainly not bad enough to be unplayable, merely… challenging.


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  1. “A river of disappointment”
    Yet historically accurate because the Japanese Navy also ended up disappointed with this ship and her sisters.

    • Yeah, the Aganos were pretty much only a stop-gap design, using old secondary guns in store as cruisers. They served as destroyer leaders, for which they were ridiculously oversized.

    • tamenga88 if we go real life then most or all french and russian ships shouldn’t exist and most post ww2 russian ships were quite shit IRL

    • @Hiltibrant

      And the correction for that mistake was to come up with the Oyodo which was even bigger.

    • If we are going to talk about historical accuracy then a lot of IJN DDs should be better starting with all long lancer get 20km range and much more difficult to detect or japanese 128mm guns should have a reload around 5.7 seconds because in real life it is 10 rpm etc etc….

  2. Another thing I meant to bring up and didn’t – the stealth value is pretty good for a tier 5 cruiser, and with the 12km torp range, it can stealth torp if need be, something not many cruisers can do.

    • Good luck actually pulling it off given the torpedo angles and the reaction time…

    • The shell ballistics appear to be like the old Yorck AP shell ballistics. Looks like the shells drop almost straight down at longer ranges range.

    • @Pepper Mill Yeah, it’s very sad… the actual damage and fire chance on the HE shells are good, but good luck keeping up sustained fire with the reload and ballistics. And the AP shell is entirely useless and also seemingly fictional (in reality, the Agano-class had HE shells and SAP shells).

    • PointyHairedJedi: *hey, lets take a squishy light cruiser, play her like a heavy cruiser in open water and not using island to hide whatsoever*
      i mean there are few times in this video where you can use island to hide and farm enemy ships, but you chose to go open water. one example is at 3:37

    • @Natsumei Just try it, seriously. It doesn’t really work. Oh sure you’ll sometimes get a brief opportunity to do it, but it’s not a reliable tactic, and it doesn’t make up for the other massive issues. I’d take improved ballistics over island firing on Yahagi any day.

  3. Maybe the lumber is for making quick rafts or for damage control teams? this being a complete stab in the dark

  4. I’m really quite heart broken about what happened with this, Yahagi is probably my favourite cruiser of all (i’m actually working on a 1/350 model kit of her currently), and what has happened in game is just so disappointing. After the tests which clearly showed she was underperforming, she goes missing for a full 8 months, so I wait those 8 months, hoping for news of improvements, and… nothing. They changed nothing at all… 🙁

    • Isn’t she a pre refit aoba?

    • @Ravenheartless322 No, she’s an entirely different and later ship class. The Aoba class were heavy scout cruisers which entered service in 1927, wheras the Agano class are light cruisers/flotilla leaders which entered service in 1942.

    • And what exactly is there to be improved by WG? Since you are working on a model of her (congrats, i had Agano in 1/700), you should know that the Japanese bolted pre-WWI guns to her modern, sleek hull. The Aganos were overly light designed and got a laughable armament.
      WG was generous enough to artificially raise the reload to 9sec which irl was 12 sec plus add a speedboost which i am really not a fan of.

    • @Glupi Medo In real life the average ROF was 6 RPM, with a theoretical ROF of 10 RPM. WG could easily make the ship far more enjoyable by doing something as simple as giving her the Aiming Systems Mod. 0 modification like Yuubari has, and tweaking the shell soft stats to improve the ballistics.

      And if you are genuinely complaining that it is “too good” currently, then I don’t even have the words.

      They delayed the release of the ship for 8 months, and did nothing. That’s not “generous” that’s incredibly lazy.

    • @Glupi Medo the current implementation of Yahagi makes ships like Emerald or Krasny Krym look good by comparison. Honestly if they at very least fixed the ballistics so they weren’t as horrible as the US 5″/38 then at least the guns would become usable over 10km away

  5. The refit she has in game is her second from last refit. Her final refit (from just before Ten-Go) added power traverse to some of her AA guns, as well as various other minor changes, and updated models of the Type 93 torpedo capable of variable depth.

    It’s also worth noting that her 8cm DP AA guns in reality had almost as much range as Akizuki’s 10cm DP guns, but in game are only modelled as medium range AA with just 3.5km range.

  6. Yubari in a party dress, there must be a cunning Russian plan in here somewhere churning rubbish out on a regular basis unless it’s behind steel or in the RB ,maybe they will make the British heavy cruisers special as compensation and not an exercise in how big and high you can make a citadel 🙄 Nice One Jedi 👍

  7. It’s IJN what do you expect? Maybe if it was a commie bastard ship it would be like the smolensk. Try WT Yahagi, much better but naval needs work.

  8. ^the lumber were loaded during her final voyage as the commander knew Tengo was a suicide mission and wanted to save her crews as she sank on that fateful day

  9. Looked at this in the store, checked the stats and put my wallet back in my pocket. It’s an oversized destroyer with poor handling and terrible guns, not attractive enough to add to the port where it would gather dust.

  10. Wows pay to win, pay to commander 10_ skils

  11. Yahagi is not smarter than the average bear. Couldn’t help the yogi bear joke

  12. Looks like a Tier 5 Yubari so it’s an easy pass. Since you mentioned some other Tier 5 cruisers I far prefer the Furry Taco or the Exeter to this disaster. Great video, +1.

  13. I see WG hasn’t gotten over Russo-Japanese war

  14. So this is a rather poor DD with a citadel 😀

  15. This thing feels like it needed the Z-39 treatment. Change nothing and just drop her a Tier.

    Leaving her at currently Tier, she needs some love. A better turning circle and faster turrets would help; a second and a half off reload would do a lot more. The option to swap Speed Boost for Japanese DD smoke would be very nice and help with how fragile she is.

    7.5 sec reload, 27 sec traverse, taking about 100 meters off the turn circle and making smoke an option instead of speed would make her more competitive and better able to handle being up-tiered.

  16. Is it as try-hardy as the yubari? Because for some reason I regularly do 50 k damage in it and usually have fun in it

  17. I’ve heard stories about how the timber ended up on board Yahagi, prior to her final sortie during Operation Ten-Go. Before she set sail to escort Yamato with a handful of destroyers, the captain of Yahagi knew that they were doomed, and the timber were ordered on board so that when the ship inevitably sinks, the crew could have more floating debris to cling onto.
    If my memory serves me right, it worked to some extent, although more than half of her crew were still lost to the waves during her final hour.

  18. Yeah it’s just another crappy japanese premium

  19. Yahagi is Yudachi in the form of cruiser. They released two crappy premium for Japan in a short time what is wrong with this game studio ?
    This ship could have been a tier 5 Yubari, give her aiming system modification 0 and defensive AA, buff its reload down to 7 second, turret rotation to 25 – 20 seconds and there you have a ship everyone can enjoy but apparently WG became retarded when it come to decision making on IJN premium. Who the hell at WG’s HQ thought that giving a ship with only 6 gun 9 second reload and a battleship-like turret traverse speed was a good idea ?

  20. Murmansk is awesome. I have a kraken in the Marblehead Lima. Yahagi is ok, i have it. I play off the main combats and look for targets of opportunity. The torps are good for area denial and intercepting ships at choke points. If the reload was 7 seconds and the traverse a bit faster the ship would be fine.

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