Yahagi – The Power of God and Anime || World of Warships

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  1. I think you need to do a run with the yahagi and the emile bertin to see who has the best speed

  2. Furutaka is miles better, don’t waste your money on this trash heap

    • Furutaka is awesome especially with the modernized hull. Furu and Aoba are probably my favorite ships at t5 and t6

  3. I dont really like the vibe of Yahagi

  4. Is this for giveaway too???
    IGN:– devimaa939

  5. A Japanese cruiser that has good AA?

  6. 8:27
    Déja Vu!
    I’ve just been in this place before
    Higher on the street
    And I know it’s my time to go

    Calling you and the search is a mistery
    Standing on my feet
    It’s so hard when I try to be me

    Déja Vu!
    I’ve just been in this time before
    Higher on the beat
    And I know it’s a place to go

    Calling you and the search is a mistery
    Standing on my feet
    It’s so hard when I try to be me

  7. Can I send defeats aswell?

  8. “Superior Japanese Engineering” LMAO ?

  9. *engine boost activated*

    Yahagi: *_Speedy speed boi_*

  10. Not powerful enough! WG please buff, how about a heal at T5 as well!?

  11. Yamato and Yahagi they fought together in the operation Ten-Go

  12. Anime user typing in chat battle.. nothing to see…

  13. How did you combine God and anime?
    Also love the video’s learned alot from them

  14. thought i had seen bad torpedo angles…
    Yahagi: Hold my beer

    • Tha Wayne gotta show whole broadside for those torps to be effective, in low tiers you can get away with that but in high tiers youd be deleted pretty quickly.

  15. HOGU 0102-korJOKER2

    it looks good but that armor tho….

  16. Yahagi san!!

  17. Yeah, that ship might be effective in the hands of a pro sealclubber against a sack of potatoes. Otherwise it’s shit on a shingle.

  18. Олег Клочков

    Американская баллистика, жуткая перезарядка для шестидюймовок… Чем он хорош?!

  19. This ship needs a buff in that reload.

  20. you have to wonder what some of these players are thinking when they put themselves in bad positions and it’s constant across multiple maps

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